Let's Get Political: 10 Tactics for Writing Resistance Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas March 27, 2017
Since 9-11, we're living in a brave new world--one where 'Brave New World' is once again a bestseller. But you don't have to write dystopian sci-fi to write fiction of the #resistance.

5 Classic Novels for the Revolution: Southwest Edition

Column by Susan DeFreitas December 16, 2016
The US prior to Nov. 8 was volatile, and now? What happens next is anyone's guess. These novels offer insights into some of the most explosive issues of our day--and how they might shape tomorrow.
Bookshots: 'Pills and Starships' by Lydia Millet

Bookshots: 'Pills and Starships' by Lydia Millet

Review by Dean Fetzer
Global warming's gone mad and old people want to die - so what does that leave the kids?