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LitRecapper: The Two Year Anniversary

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 10, 2013
Another year come and gone. Catch up on the who, what, where, why, when, how of LitReactor: Year Two.

LitRecapper: The One Year Anniversary

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 1, 2012
LitReactor is officially a year old. Let's tear the roof off this mother. Also, polls and T-shirts!
LitReactor 6 Month Anniversary

LitRecapper: The 6 Month Anniversary Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky April 3, 2012
Come help us celebrate LitReactor's 6 Monthiversary with a very special episode of LitRecapper.
LitRecapper 2011

LitRecapper: The Happy New Year Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky January 3, 2012
Ring in the new year with a look back at 2011 and LitReactor's first three months.

LitRecapper: The November Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky December 4, 2011
The phoenix that is LitRecapper emerges from the ash of the weekly update, transformed into a being that cycles with the moon.

LitRecapper: Remember Remember, The Week Ending The 5th of November

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
We're all about content, content, content, as LitReactor rockets out of the gate that is November.

LitRecapper: That Time of the Month

News by Joshua Chaplinsky November 1, 2011
It's that time of the month again! Actually, it's the first time we've reached the end of a month. It's LitReactor's One-Monthiversery, and we have a very special segment of Recapper to share!

LitRecapper: Courting Controversy In Week Three

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 22, 2011
LitReactor members make their opinions known when it comes to politics, editorializing, and gossipy news posts.

LitRecapper: The Deuce Is Loose

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
A look back at LitReactor's second week in existence.

LitRecapper: Week One

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 8, 2011
LitReactor's inaugural week was a resounding success! Relive the magic with our first ever weekly recap.