Kirstyn Petras (L), NB Turner (R)

An interview with NB Turner and Kirstyn Petras of Dark Waters Podcast

Interview by Gabriel Hart
The hosts of Dark Waters Podcast open up about their frenetic process.

Why the Term "Literary Fiction" Doesn't Work Anymore

Column by Joshua Isard
An exploration of one of the most misleading terms in the writing world, and why it should be retired.

Things Casual Readers Don't Care About

Column by Peter Derk July 23, 2021
Do you have a hard time relating to your casual reader friends? Here's why.
The Unseen World by Liz Moore

Bookshots: 'The Unseen World' by Liz Moore

Review by Christopher Shultz
A teenager must unravel the mystery of her father's identity—and figure out who she is in the process.

Storyville: What Literary Fiction Can Teach You About Genre Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas June 22, 2016
Here are a few ways that literary fiction can inform your genre fiction.

The 5 Books I Wish Someone Would Write in 2016

Column by Cath Murphy January 5, 2016
Forget about the books which are actually going to be published in 2016. Here are the ones I wish someone would write instead.
Bookshots: 'Travelers Rest' by Keith Lee Morris

Bookshots: 'Travelers Rest' by Keith Lee Morris

Review by Leah Dearborn
There's a town east of the Cascade Mountains where wayward souls are drawn. Their cars break down, blizzards lure them off the highway for the night. Most of them never leave again.
Some Luck

Bookshots: 'Some Luck' by Jane Smiley

Review by Cath Murphy
Can Jane 'Pulitzer Prize' Smiley pull off another blinder? The jury is still out.

Where Lit-Fic and Horror Converge: Ten Literary Chillers

Column by Christopher Shultz September 9, 2014
Nightmare-fueled narratives and "literary merit" are not so unfamiliar as one might believe. As a matter of fact, they make quite excellent bedfellows.
Bookshots: 'The Transcriptionist' by Amy Rowland

Bookshots: 'The Transcriptionist' by Amy Rowland

Review by Teeney Hood
Lena, a transcriptionist for a New York daily, has a chance encounter with a woman who later commits suicide. Compelled to find out about this woman, Lena begins to question her own life.

Storyville: What is Literary Fiction?

Column by Richard Thomas August 1, 2013
How do you define literary fiction?

Storyville: Researching The Best American Short Stories Anthology

Column by Richard Thomas February 5, 2013
When you are looking to do research on literary short fiction, start with the Best American Short Stories anthology.

Are You Gonna Write for Money or Art?

Column by Cath Murphy January 7, 2013
Fifty Shades author E L James is PW's publishing person of the year. Hilary Mantel wins the Booker for the second time. They made their choices between commercial and literary fiction. What about you?