5 Reasons To Hire A Freelance Editor, and What To Do When You Can't

Column by Holly Slater November 9, 2016
Freelance editors sometimes get a bum rap from authors in the literary world. They are seen as predators. Critical snobs. The scum of the earth. Hello, I'm a freelance editor.
10 Questions with Margaret Marr

10 Questions with Agent, Attorney and Author, Margaret Marr

Interview by Erin Reel
Los Angeles based literary agent, attorney and author Margaret Marr shares what writers need to know when they go indie, the fundamentals of a good agency contract and more.

Four Questions With Bree Ogden, Instructor For 'Intro To Graphic Novel Writing'

Column by Bree Ogden
Literary agent, Bree Ogden answers some common questions about the process of creating graphic novels in anticipation of her upcoming LitReactor class.