8 Literary Charities That Need Your Help

Column by Leah Dearborn
'Tis the season for selfless gestures. If you find yourself sitting bored by the fireside this winter, consider lending a hand somewhere.
Roald Dahl Books make Happy Meals Happier

Roald Dahl Books make Happy Meals Happier

News by Raine Winters September 24, 2015
McDonald’s is lovin’ literacy.

Library Love: Do Fines Lock Readers Out of Libraries?

Column by Leah Dearborn December 10, 2014
Over the last several years, libraries across the country have started to eliminate or reduce fines for overdue books. Is this good or bad?
Handler and Gaiman

Gaiman vs. Handler In The Great Book Giveaway

News by Peter Derk
Neil Gaiman and Daniel Handler had a contest to see who could give away the most free books in 30 minutes.

How to React When Someone Says They Don’t Read

Column by Leah Dearborn October 3, 2014
A 2013 poll showed that 28 percent of adults asked had not read a book in the past year. What are some of the reasons behind a continuing aversion to reading, and what can readers do to help?
London to Get Benches Depicting Famous Books

London to Get Benches Depicting Famous Books

News by Dean Fetzer November 21, 2013
A new scheme to benefit a charity promoting literacy is placing benches shaped like books with recreations of famous stories — that you can sit on!

Is Reading Sexy?

Column by John Jarzemsky October 18, 2012
The battle to save reading and literature rages on, but is the latest plan of aligning reading with sexiness a good one?
Garden Grove Library

California Does Horrible Thing, Cuts Funding For Libraries

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 9, 2012
Hell hath no fury like a librarian scorned. But cash-strapped California is willing to take their chances, so they've cut funding to their public libraries.