Top 5s, Top 10s, even Top 8's. Everyone loves lists! And we have a ton of 'em!

Five Terrifying Things About Getting Published

Column by Ed Sikov October 17, 2014
You think that getting published would be a joyous occasion. Think again. It's a horror show.

Locked Up: Books For My Father

Column by Peter Derk October 14, 2014
An article in which a son decides whether he should send books to his estranged, imprisoned father.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Strain' Less Stupid

Column by Rob Hart October 13, 2014
'The Strain' just wrapped its first season. And it was not great. Let's discuss!

Rocking Out With Romance

Column by Riki Cleveland
Rock star romances run the gamut, from sweet, tender love stories to no holds barred, sexy backstage antics. There's something for everyone!

6 Novels That Will Destroy Your Good Mood

Column by Christine J. Schmidt September 26, 2014
If you have been feeling too good lately, these books will bring you back down to earth.

Every Stephen King Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

Column by Max Booth III September 19, 2014
One day, Max will have to explain to his grandchildren why he spent an entire Sunday writing this article.

Back-to-School with Six Historical YA Fictions

Column by Riki Cleveland
With back-to-school on everyone’s mind, what better way to further your education than with a young adult novel set in a historical time period?

The Top 10 Excuses For Not Writing

Column by Ed Sikov September 2, 2014
A list of suggested excuses for writers who just can't manage to get any writing done.

Can We Build It?: 5 DIY Bookshelves

Column by Peter Derk August 26, 2014
An average person takes a shot at building a collection of bookshelves from Pinterest.

6 YA Novels That Deal With Mental Health

Column by Riki Cleveland August 25, 2014
A look at six young adult novels that explore the tough topic of mental health.

Let's Talk Literature: 6 Books That Are Great Conversation Starters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt August 25, 2014
Reading these books in public has been linked to newfound literary friendships.

On Tom Cruise and Time Travel Stories

Column by Rajan Khanna August 22, 2014
A look at time travel in both film and literature and why it makes for such great stories.

5 More Quick, Easy Ways to Promote Yourself in Your Underwear

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard August 20, 2014
Make every email a call to action! Learn to glitter on Twitter! Turn LinkedIn into an office where everyone helps everybody else and no one weeps silently in the restroom!

10 Soul-Crushing Things About Writing in 2014

Column by Phil Jourdan August 14, 2014
Find it hard promoting yourself, dealing with incompetent online reviewers, or taking writing advice from viral marketers? You're not alone.

You Make Me Sick: 5 Novels About Disease

Column by Ed Sikov August 11, 2014
Illness is a great subject for literature; it's surprising there aren't more disease novels.

The Perils of Reading in Public

Column by Daniel Hope August 5, 2014
Reading in public is a risky endeavor, because there's no way to tell who's going to interrupt you.

Listen Up, Nerds! 5 Lessons from 30 Rock on How to Make Your Characters Down with the In-Crowd

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard July 31, 2014
"Remember everyone, just don't be yourselves..." and other wisdom from the hit TV show, '30 Rock.'

White Guilt: 10 Books For The Betterment Of The Straight White Male

Column by Peter Derk July 23, 2014
A reading list of books for straight white males to make them straight white males.

Suspense and Spook: 5 Great YA Horror Titles

Column by Riki Cleveland
Five young adult horror novels to keep you up late at night.

5 Silver Linings of Having A Day Job

Column by Christopher Shultz July 18, 2014
Even though we dream of writing for a living, we sometimes need day jobs to make ends meet. This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

5 Essential Brain Hacks for Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 11, 2014
Neuroscience reveals a lot about how evolution shaped our brains. It can also show us how to suck our readers in from page one and keep them turning the pages. Why? Because science.

Take Your Characters Out to Lunch: 5 Development Exercises

Column by Leah Dearborn July 11, 2014
Like going on a date, character exercises are part of the process of getting to know another person better (in this case, an imaginary person).

Confessions of a New Adult Addict

Column by Riki Cleveland July 3, 2014
Why I just can't get enough of the New Adult genre.

The Five Predicted Outcomes of Hachette vs. Amazon

Column by Daniel Hope July 2, 2014
There are plenty of ideas about what will happen as a result of the Hachette and Amazon negotiations. We breakdown the most common predictions.