Top 5s, Top 10s, even Top 8's. Everyone loves lists! And we have a ton of 'em!

White Guilt: 10 Books For The Betterment Of The Straight White Male

Column by Peter Derk July 23, 2014
A reading list of books for straight white males to make them straight white males.

Suspense and Spook: 5 Great YA Horror Titles

Column by Riki Cleveland
Five young adult horror novels to keep you up late at night.

5 Silver Linings of Having A Day Job

Column by Christopher Shultz July 18, 2014
Even though we dream of writing for a living, we sometimes need day jobs to make ends meet. This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

5 Essential Brain Hacks for Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 11, 2014
Neuroscience reveals a lot about how evolution shaped our brains. It can also show us how to suck our readers in from page one and keep them turning the pages. Why? Because science.

Take Your Characters Out to Lunch: 5 Development Exercises

Column by Leah Dearborn July 11, 2014
Like going on a date, character exercises are part of the process of getting to know another person better (in this case, an imaginary person).

Confessions of a New Adult Addict

Column by Riki Cleveland July 3, 2014
Why I just can't get enough of the New Adult genre.

The Five Predicted Outcomes of Hachette vs. Amazon

Column by Daniel Hope July 2, 2014
There are plenty of ideas about what will happen as a result of the Hachette and Amazon negotiations. We breakdown the most common predictions.

9 Lives: 9 of the Greatest Cats In Literature

Column by Christine J. Schmidt June 26, 2014
9 of the greatest cats in literature!

Eat Lightning, Write Thunder: Writing Lessons From Rocky Balboa

Column by Peter Derk June 13, 2014
Six pieces of writing advice based on the movies in the 'Rocky' series.

6 Horror Magazines You Should Be Reading

Column by Max Booth III June 13, 2014
Some horror magazines you just NEED to read. These are those magazines.

10 Books To Give To Your Crush

Column by Christine J. Schmidt June 12, 2014
Say it with a book!

5 Dreadful Memoirs You Never Have to Read

Column by Ed Sikov June 6, 2014
Here are five perfectly awful autobiographies that are each given a hatchet job by a smug and sarcastic writer.

8 Hot Summer YA Releases

Column by Riki Cleveland June 3, 2014
Whether you enjoy your young adult steeped in fantasy or prefer a fresh contemporary take, we've got the rundown on hot YA books to keep you busy through the dog days of summer.

10 Reasons You Should Be Writing Memoir Right Now

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 2, 2014
Memoir is hot right now. Should you give it a shot because you think it might sell? No. You should write memoir because it will make you a better writer. Also, a better person.

I Hate You...No, Wait, I Love You! 5 Literary 180s

Column by Christine J. Schmidt May 29, 2014
These books redeemed themselves by being fantastic all along...

4 Signs That You're Not Writing Enough...and 4 Things You Can Do About It

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard May 23, 2014
Once you had the good stuff, But now it feels like a bluff? Here's some tips to get tough, And start writing enough...or at least more.

Five Characters Who Could Really Use A Hug

Column by Christine J. Schmidt May 16, 2014
All these characters need is a little hug action!

Five Applications That Make a Writer's Life Easier

Column by Jessica Meddows May 16, 2014
Inundated with emails? Losing track of time spent online researching your latest story? Or maybe you have hundreds of ideas in your head? This column shows you some apps to make your life easier.

Five Amazing Superhero Cartoons Canceled Too Soon

Column by BH Shepherd May 9, 2014
Sometimes being good just isn't enough. A look at five shows that never got to fulfill their potential.

5 Great Memoirs, from Bette Davis to the Rolling Stones

Column by Ed Sikov May 2, 2014
Biographer and autobiographer Ed Sikov celebrates five of his favorite memoirs.

Openly Gay in YA: Four Characters You Need to Know Now

Column by Riki Cleveland April 30, 2014
The four openly gay characters in young adult literature that you need to know now.

Digital Piracy Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Us, Said No Writer, Ever. 6 Reasons It's a Bigger Threat Than You Think

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard April 29, 2014
Illegal downloads of an author's work are a necessary evil, free PR, and goshdarnit! downright flattering. Meanwhile, somewhere, a pirate is laughing...

Seven Songs, Seven Literary Devices — Celebrating the Poetics of Songwriting

Column by Taylor Houston April 25, 2014
Songs are poems, too. Or, the article in which I mention Katy Perry, Yeezy, Ezra Pound, Dante, and Flight of the Concords.

Guilty Pleasures: 6 Pulp Treasures You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Reading On Your Daily Commute

Column by Cath Murphy April 24, 2014
Tired of taping a Dickens cover over your copy of Dan Brown? Defy intellectual snobbery with these excellent pulp choices for the daily commute.