Top 5s, Top 10s, even Top 8's. Everyone loves lists! And we have a ton of 'em!

A Writer's Gratitude List: 12 Things to be Thankful For

Column by Robbie Blair November 26, 2014
A largely humorous list of things to be grateful for as a writer.

5 Books that Say "Fuck You," not "Thank You"

Column by Ed Sikov
Thanksgiving? I call bullshit. It's a celebration of gluttony masquerading as gratitude. So here's an antidote: five books about ingratitude to take your mind off that awful sweet potato casserole.

Scandal! 6 Writers with Page-Turning Lives

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard November 14, 2014
Which (female) writer ran a brothel? Which playwright tried to stage a military coup and took losing VERY badly? And, decades before Facebook, why did everybody unfriend Truman Capote?

A Brief History of Space Opera

Column by Daniel Hope November 11, 2014
A look at the origins and history of space opera, which is a subgenre of science fiction.

7 Things To Expect When You Date A Reader

Column by Christine J. Schmidt November 7, 2014
Readers are wonderful people, but there's a few things you should know before you date one.

The NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Column by Robbie Blair November 4, 2014
I teach you how to cope with the long-haul goals of NaNoWriMo. From psychological tricks to help motivate yourself to what you can eat, drink, and wear—I cover it all.

Ten More Well-Written Horror Films

Column by Christopher Shultz October 31, 2014
One year later...IT RETURNS!!!!

Happy Halloween: 5 Creepy Regional Stories

Column by John Jarzemsky October 30, 2014
A grab-bag of spine-tingling tales to make you go "WTF!"

Monster Mash: 6 Underrated Creatures For Hire

Column by Leah Dearborn October 29, 2014
Tired of vapid vampires? Bored of less than zoetic zombies? There are plenty of mythic creatures that are just crying out for someone to pick up a pen and write about.

Dressing the Part: A Look at Literary Halloween Costumes for the Family

Column by Leah Rhyne October 28, 2014
I thought I was going to be Luna Lovegood for daughter decided now I'm judging ALL literary Halloween costumes. Look out, costumes! I'm coming!

8 Ways to Outline a Novel

Column by Robbie Blair October 28, 2014
I go into several methods for outlining longer pieces, including free-write summary, skeletal summaries, "snowflake" summaries, visual outlines, and more.

How to Assemble an Ensemble: Team-Building for Writers

Column by BH Shepherd
A recipe for a good ensemble stock to use in your next literary concoction.

The 5 Scariest Grammar Issues: Your Guide to Fearless Writing

Column by Susan DeFreitas October 24, 2014
No matter how accomplished you are as a writer, chances are, there's at least one grammar issue that scares the living bejeezus out of you. Now is the time to slay it once and for all.

5 Creepy Comics To Suit Every Predilection

Column by Kelly Thompson
Five creepy comics—ranging from dark fairy tales to true crime—to suit all your Halloween needs.

Footnotes: 'King Lear' and 9 More Books Masquerading in Other Genres

Column by Ryan Peverly
Browse a bookshelf and chances are you'll find several titles that aren't exactly as they appear — books in costume, masquerading in one genre when they're really something else entirely.

Five Terrifying Things About Getting Published

Column by Ed Sikov October 17, 2014
You think that getting published would be a joyous occasion. Think again. It's a horror show.

Locked Up: Books For My Father

Column by Peter Derk October 14, 2014
An article in which a son decides whether he should send books to his estranged, imprisoned father.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Strain' Less Stupid

Column by Rob Hart October 13, 2014
'The Strain' just wrapped its first season. And it was not great. Let's discuss!

Rocking Out With Romance

Column by Riki Cleveland
Rock star romances run the gamut, from sweet, tender love stories to no holds barred, sexy backstage antics. There's something for everyone!

6 Novels That Will Destroy Your Good Mood

Column by Christine J. Schmidt September 26, 2014
If you have been feeling too good lately, these books will bring you back down to earth.

Every Stephen King Novel Summarized in 140 Characters or Less

Column by Max Booth III September 19, 2014
One day, Max will have to explain to his grandchildren why he spent an entire Sunday writing this article.

Back-to-School with Six Historical YA Fictions

Column by Riki Cleveland
With back-to-school on everyone’s mind, what better way to further your education than with a young adult novel set in a historical time period?

The Top 10 Excuses For Not Writing

Column by Ed Sikov September 2, 2014
A list of suggested excuses for writers who just can't manage to get any writing done.

Can We Build It?: 5 DIY Bookshelves

Column by Peter Derk August 26, 2014
An average person takes a shot at building a collection of bookshelves from Pinterest.

6 YA Novels That Deal With Mental Health

Column by Riki Cleveland August 25, 2014
A look at six young adult novels that explore the tough topic of mental health.