Oakland University sued over 'Hot For Teacher' journal entry

‘Hot For Teacher’ Journal Entry Gets Student Suspended — Now He’s Suing

News by Dean Fetzer March 18, 2013
Playing on the title of the Van Halen song, mature student Joe Corlett wrote about his attraction to his teachers, which they didn’t appreciate, resulting in a $2.2 million lawsuit.
Author Solutions under ‘investigation’

Penguin-owned Author Solutions Under Investigation for ‘Deceptive Practices’

News by Dean Fetzer March 5, 2013
A New York law firm is looking into claims that the self-publishing service hasn’t lived up to it’s end of bargains made with authors. Is a lawsuit imminent?
Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

News by Christopher Shultz February 22, 2013
Amazon is currently the go-to place for eBooks. Three east coast bookshops and a lawyer hope to level out the playing field.
Sherlock Holmes Scholar Sues Arthur Conan Doyle's Estate

Sherlock Holmes Scholar Sues Arthur Conan Doyle's Estate

News by Christopher Shultz February 20, 2013
An expert in all-things "elementary" claims the author's relatives have no right to demand licensing fees, as the Holmes universe is now public domain.

Library Love: Five Copyright Essentials For The Writer’s Toolkit

Column by Stephanie Bonjack December 19, 2012
There has never been a better time to learn about the ownership and protection of your work.
Penguin settles w/ Department of Justice

Penguin and DoJ Agree To Terms on eBook Price Fixing

News by Dean Fetzer
In a widely anticipated move, Penguin Group (USA) and the Department of Justice have agreed on a settlement in the eBook price fixing lawsuit brought by the Government.
My Kindle’s Spying on Me

My Kindle’s Spying on Me

News by Dean Fetzer December 6, 2012
We all know our eReaders collect information on what we read, buy and look at - but did you know the companies behind all of them share your information with third parties without your permission?
Professor banned from using ‘hobbit’ as title of lecture

Professor Banned From Using The Word ‘Hobbit’ In Title Of Lecture

News by Dean Fetzer October 31, 2012
Lecturer told he can’t use the word ‘hobbit’ to refer to a short race of early humans by Middle Earth Enterprises, who manage rights for Tolkien’s estate.
Patricia Cornwell’s missing millions

Patricia Cornwell’s missing millions

News by Dean Fetzer
Patricia Cornwell, author of the Kay Scarpetta novels, is suing her ex-business managers to the tune of $180 million in damages for mismanaging her money.
Publishers Agree To $69 Million Settlement In Price Fixing Scandal

Three Publishers Agree To $69 Million Settlement In eBook Price Fixing Scandal

News by Rob Hart August 30, 2012
Three publishers named in the eBook price fixing lawsuits will settle for $69 million--money that will go back to eBook buyers in the form of refunds. Tiny, tiny refunds.
Jack Daniel's Broken Piano For President

UPDATE: Jack Daniel's Politely Asks Patrick Wensink To Change 'Broken Piano For President' Cover Art

News by Joshua Chaplinsky July 25, 2012
The Jack Daniel's inspired cover for Patrick Wensink's 'Broken Piano For President' will be going out of print, so get yours while you still can.
DOJ Responds To Comments On eBook Pricing Fixing Lawsuit

DOJ Responds To Comments On eBook Price Fixing Lawsuit

News by Rob Hart July 24, 2012
The U.S. Department of Justice has been soliciting comments on its eBook price fixing lawsuit--and the agency has issued its response to said comments.
Authors File Suit Against PublishAmerica

Authors File Suit Against PublishAmerica

News by Rob Hart June 18, 2012
Three authors are suing PublishAmerica, a print-on-demand "publisher" they say makes money by shakings its authors down for fees.
Angry Salinger Shirt

Salinger T-Shirts Still Legal, Says N.H. Governor

News by Kimberly Turner June 14, 2012
J.D. Salinger’s son spent two years working on a bill allowing him to control how his late father’s image is used. It was vetoed yesterday on the grounds that it restricts free speech. Who's right?

Keeping it Real: A Rough Guide to Using Real People As Fictional Characters

Column by Cath Murphy May 23, 2012
Ebeneezer Scrooge, Tintin and Alice in Wonderland are all said to be based on real people. Is using your boss or neighbor as a ready made character a stroke of genius, or a fast route to a lawsuit?
Irony for dummies

"For Dummies" Publisher Dragging BitTorrent Users to Federal Court

News by Brandon Tietz November 2, 2011
John Wiley and Sons, publishers of the popular "For Dummies" series, have filed a lawsuit against 27 BitTorrent users.

Writers Unite To Levy Criminal Charges Against Internet Super Plagiarist

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 5, 2011
Join the fight against literary theft by aiding the prosecution of one of the internet's most egregious offenders.