All in a Day: YA That Takes Place in 24 Hours

Column by Riki Cleveland July 25, 2017
These six YA novels pack an enormous amount of action and drama, and a year’s worth of emotion into a mere day, and we dare you to put them down before binge reading in the same amount of time.
'Rooms' by Lauren Oliver

Bookshots: 'Rooms: A Novel' by Lauren Oliver

Review by Leah Dearborn
Whether or not you’re able to enjoy 'Room's depends on how you answer one question: does a book need likable characters in order to be an excellent reading experience?

We Survived The Apocalypse And 10 Other Reasons 2013 Is Going To Rule

Column by Meredith Borders January 4, 2013
Meredith lists the ten books she's most anticipating in 2013. What are yours?

YA Gateway Books: A Primer

Column by Sarah Pitre May 11, 2012
They say you can't get addicted after just one time. But with this list of books, you'll be hooked on young adult literature immediately.