10 Questions with James Sallis

10 Questions with James Sallis

Interview by Keith Rawson November 5, 2013
LitReactor goes ten rounds with the legendary, award winning James Sallis.
Sequel to 'Drive' Could Be Headed To Screen

Sequel to 'Drive', Based on James Sallis' Novel 'Driven', Could Be Headed To the Screen

News by Rob Hart June 4, 2012
James Sallis said the studio behind 'Drive', the critically-acclaimed film based on his book of the same name, is sniffing around his sequel, 'Driven'.

My First (Kinda, Sorta) Book Signing

Column by Keith Rawson April 10, 2012
Keith Rawson talks up his recent author appearances with Johnny Shaw, Joe Lansdale, Owen Laukkanen, and James Sallis.

Book vs. Film: Drive

Column by Keith Rawson March 5, 2012
Does Nicolas Winding Refn's adaptation of James Sallis' 'Drive' live up to the novel? Or does it surpass it? We find out in the latest Book versus Film column.
Driven by James Sallis

EXCLUSIVE: Far Beyond Driven—The Sequel to 'Drive' to be released in April

News by Keith Rawson December 8, 2011
The Sequel to 'Drive' is coming, but will the continuation of Driver's story live up to the original?