Children of the iPad Finding it Difficult to Learn How to Type

Children of the iPad Finding it Difficult to Learn How to Type

News by Dean Fetzer October 22, 2013
A report in the Boston Globe says that kids growing up with the digital technology of tablets and smartphones “are having a problem learning how to use QWERTY keyboards”.
Haruki Murakami Diary app

New Murakami Diary App Released by Random House

News by Dean Fetzer
Now you can replace the Calendar on iPhone and iPad with a custom Haruki Murakami Diary app…

Technology and the Art of the Interview

Column by Joe Daly November 23, 2012
LitReactor's intrepid music journalist offers his technological secrets for conducting interviews.
News, The New Yorker

'The New Yorker' Introduces iPhone App With Help From Most Handsome Man Ever (And Others)

News by Rob Hart August 9, 2012
'The New Yorker' has debuted an iPhone app--and they've introduced it through a pretty funny video starring Lena Dunham, Alex Karpovsky, and the most handsome man ever, Jon Hamm.
Yet Again, Death Proves A Bestseller, AKA, R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Yet Again, Death Proves A Bestseller: R.I.P. Steve Jobs

News by Dennis Widmyer October 7, 2011
In the wake of Steve Jobs passing, Simon & Schuster has bumped up the release of his biography from late November to October 24th and already, the book tops Amazon.con's pre-order list. Surprised?