Storyville: How Various Media Can Change You as a Writer

Column by Richard Thomas
Influence can come from any medium, not just the one you are working in.

What Are Your Favorite Horror Authors Afraid Of?

Column by Gabino Iglesias February 22, 2022
I asked some of my favorite horror writers if they had any childhood fears that shape their work. Their answers blew me away.

Using Bibliomancy as a Drafting Tool

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
Bibliomancy is a traditional divinatory practice that can be found across all religions. Here's how you can use it to brainstorm, draft, and interact with your favorite stories.

Reality in Fiction: The Invisible Signature of Your Favorite Authors

Column by Fred Venturini
The role of real events in fictional stories is an unavoidable aspect of an author's signature voice—and even the authors themselves don't know where the line between the two is drawn.

With Great Responsibility: How a Comic Book Icon Inspired my Own Noir Novels

Column by Alex Segura
Alex Segura explains how Webslinger Peter Parker begat hard-luck hero Pete Fernandez.

9 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Writing

Column by Annie Neugebauer May 24, 2019
Whatever the reason, burnout happens. At some point, most of us have fallen out love with our work, our craft, our choice to be writers. That’s not a good place to be. How do we rekindle that passion?

5 Unconventional Methods of Writing a Story

Column by Max Booth III February 13, 2019
Instead of surrendering to writer's block, give these ideas a try.

A NaNoWriMo Survival Boost

Column by Annie Neugebauer
NaNoWriMo is rough, and we're only halfway there. Inside, find your survival boost.

The Hack-Dad Chronicles: Friends Are Better With Drugs

Column by Keith Rawson February 20, 2018
Repeat after me: Drinking and drugging gets you NOWHERE!

James Joyce Loved Trieste, As Do I

Column by Karis Rogerson February 2, 2018
A look at James Joyce's history with Trieste, a city of inspiration.

Write Who You Don’t Know?

Column by Kat Hausler
'Retrograde' author Kat Hausler ponders the question: Should you base your characters on people you know? Well, yes and no...

Storyville: Activities to Feed Your Dark Creative Soul Around Halloween

Column by Richard Thomas
A few ideas on how to tap into your inner darkness, as we approach Halloween.

Striking Sparks: Where the Ideas Come From

Column by Jeff Noon
Part 1 of Jeff's 10 part series on the writing of his new novel, "A Man of Shadows."

Inspiration vs. Influence: Using What We Know

Column by Brian Allen Carr
A discussion of how writers take, steal and borrow content, and why.

Writers, Get Those Summer Vibes

Column by Annie Neugebauer July 6, 2017
Unless you're lucky, you probably don’t get a whole summer off anymore. But who doesn’t want one? Writers can still capture those summer vibes – even when we’re working through the hot months.

I Can’t Let You Go Without Tapping That Ass...One...More...Time: Revisiting 'Death Proof' Ten Years Later

Column by Max Booth III
Don't @ me, but this movie may have inspired me to become a writer.

Cannibalizing Yourself: 9 Reasons You Should Mine Your Life for Ideas

Column by Gabino Iglesias June 23, 2017
Strange experiences, new situations, and faraway galaxies are all great, but sometimes looking inside yourself and revisiting your memories is the best thing you can do for your writing.

10 Film Scores to Listen to While Writing

Column by Max Booth III February 17, 2017
Screw you, silence!

5 Tips for Turning Your Day Job into a Secret Writing Office

Column by Max Booth III February 1, 2017
When all else fails, you can always put a tie on your cat and send him to the office in your stead.

10 Non-Fiction Books That Changed My Life

Column by Michael David Wilson July 22, 2016
Michael David Wilson examines ten non-fiction books that have changed his life for the better.

Setting the Mood: 24 Songs to Accompany Specific Scenes While Writing

Column by Max Booth III April 27, 2016
Songs to inspire kickass car chases, shootouts, and sexy sex scenes, amongst other things.

Storyville: Six Dark Contemporary Films That Can Inspire Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas April 21, 2016
Here are some of my favorite recent films, and ways they can inform and inspire your writing.

Why Working a Shitty Job Makes You a Better Writer

Column by Max Booth III March 10, 2016
Terrible jobs can train writers how to survive in a world that is constantly attempting to take a dump on their heads.

Finding Story Inspiration in Strip Clubs

Column by Rob Hart
If you want to get the feel for a town, strip clubs are a good place to start. Rob Hart shares his strip club experiences and how they've influenced his new novel, CITY OF ROSE.

Writing Life

Column by Leah Rhyne June 18, 2015
Write what you know. Write your life. Write your body. Write YOU. What if what you know isn't interesting enough to write? What then? Are you stuck forever in mediocrity?