YA Novels vs YA Comics

Column by Kelly Thompson June 22, 2012
A discussion of YA Comics and, why despite a glut of talent and smart books, they can't quite muster the sales and influence of their powerful cousins - YA Prose.

Ask The Lit Coach: The Difference Between Brand and Platform and Why Every Author Needs Both

Column by Erin Reel June 11, 2012
We know authors are supposed to have a platform, but what about a brand? The Lit Coach shares why every fiction author needs both to get noticed in today's crowded lit landscape.

Six Tough Truths About Self-Publishing (That The Advocates Never Seem To Talk About)

Column by Rob Hart May 31, 2012
Self-publishing advocates like to sing about the advantages of putting out your own work, without going to a publisher. And there are advantages. But it's not as easy as they make it sound.

Indie Press Spotlight: Two Dollar Radio

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 30, 2012
Wondering where all the good books have gone? Acquaint yourself with Two Dollar Radio, publishers of some of the most exciting fiction out there right now.
Novelists Need To Up Production In The Digital Age

Faster, Novelist! Write! Write!

News by Dave Reuss May 17, 2012
The digital age and market-minded publishers are forcing writers to bump up their production.
A New Book Buying Map

I'm Watching You Shop: Book Buying Around The World

News by Dave Reuss May 15, 2012
An online bookseller's new map gives a glimpse at book buying around the globe.
Amazon vs Starbucks

'After Friday Night Lights' Pulled from Amazon Following Starbucks-precipitated Price Drop

News by John Jarzemsky
Byliner has pulled copies of "After Friday Night Lights" from Amazon after a Starbucks promo lowered the kindle edition of the book to $0.00.
Booksales up for 2012

Shockingly Rosy Reports Show an Increase in Actual Booksales, in Actual Bookstores

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 28, 2012
eBooks? Please. According to new market reports, people are still buying actual books--and kind of a lot of them. Who said publishing was dead?
France Considers A Tax On Amazon

France Considers A Tax On Amazon To Protect Indie Bookstores

News by Rob Hart March 22, 2012
The French Ministry of Culture is proposing a tax on digital stores like Amazon--with plans to pass the money to smaller, struggling companies, like indie bookstores.
home depot To Stop Selling Books

Home Depot, Literary Magnate, To Stop Selling Books

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 8, 2012
Home Depot delivered a crushing blow to the publishing world this week: they will no longer be selling books in their stores, meaning home repair enthusiasts may be driven into actual libraries.
Random House Raises eBook Prices

Random House Raises eBook Prices

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 2, 2012
Libraries can't seem to catch a break when it comes to eBooks. Yesterday, Random House's new prices took effect--which means big increases for cash-strapped libraries.

Ask The Lit Coach: "Should I Submit Queries To Publishers If My First Novel Isn't Finished?" and More

Column by Erin Reel February 21, 2012
The path to publication and creative focus are the topics this week on Ask The Lit Coach.
amanda knox sells her story

Amanda Knox Has Sold Her Story For More Money Than You'll Ever Make

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 16, 2012
After being acquitted of murder and being played by Hayden Panettiere, what else is left for Amanda Knox to do but get on with her life? Oh right. Sell the rights to her story for $4 million.
Publishers Wage War Against Book Pirates

17 Publishers Join Forces To Wage War Against Book Pirates

News by Rob Hart February 16, 2012
A coalition of 17 publishers shut down two websites based in Ireland for piracy, one of which was offering 400,000 pirated eBooks for free.
Amazon's Retail Store

Amazon Is Opening An Actual, Real-Life Brick-and-Mortar Store

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 6, 2012
No longer content with putting real stores out of business as an online-only company, it seems Amazon has decided to spring for the overhead and open an actual store. Could it be true?

Ask The Lit Coach: "Is It Possible To Sell A Novel On Three Sample Chapters?"

Column by Erin Reel February 6, 2012
Is it possible to sell a novel on three sample chapters? Is it possible to earn an advance to pay for a year of living expenses? Find out in Issue 9 of Ask The Lit Coach.
European eBook "Consortium"

Spanish Analysis Firm Proposes European eBook "Consortium"

News by John Jarzemsky
Javier Celaya proposes that European publishers band together to fight Amazon.

The Girlie Show: Are Literary Women Finally Getting The Recognition They Deserve?

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 3, 2012
In 2010, a series of infographics reminded the literary and publishing world how male-dominated the industry is. Does the success of books written by and featuring females in 2011 change all that?

The Path To Publication Part 2: Preparing For Battle

Column by Rob Hart February 2, 2012
Last month I discussed my decision to seek an agent to represent me and my novel. Now it's time to talk about something that's actually useful--namely, how to find an agent.

Literary Longshots

Column by Brandon Tietz January 24, 2012
LitReactor examines three potential publishing breakthroughs. Are they worth the trouble?
SOPA Shutdown Day

Why You Should Care That Today Is SOPA Shutdown Day

News by Rob Hart January 18, 2012
Websites like Wikipedia are blacking out today to protest SOPA, a bill meant to stop piracy that is supported by the publishing industry, but carries the potential for widespread abuse.

Storyville: Research and Duotrope

Column by Richard Thomas January 17, 2012
An in-depth analysis of Duotrope.com, one of the best websites for submitting and tracking your writing.

The Lure of Celebrity: Why Literary Agents Represent Stars (And Not You)

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen January 16, 2012
Every time a celebrity gets a book deal, hundreds of unrepresented writers die a little inside. Why is it so easy for Amanda Knox to get a book deal, but you can't get signed to save your life?

The Path To Publication Part 1: Delusions of Grandeur

Column by Rob Hart January 12, 2012
This is the first installment of a monthly column that will follow the trials of trying to publish my first novel. Part 1 is about letting go and choosing the right path.
Authonomy Release Plans

Authonomy's Release Plans

News by Brandon Tietz January 9, 2012
Authonomy (part of HarperCollins) will be releasing two books, but is a digital-only deal really something to celebrate?