Shhhhhh! This is a library!

Super Bowl Ad Destroys Library

News by Dean Fetzer February 5, 2013
Ads during the big game have a reputation to uphold and if you were watching it, you probably saw a library get demolished — in an ad for Oreos.

Say Cheese! 12 Terrible Photos of Bestselling Authors

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 10, 2012
If a picture is worth a thousand words, these authors need a good editor, STAT!
Philip Roth Doesn't Get Along With The Internet

Philip Roth Doesn't Get Along With The Internet

News by Benoît Lelièvre September 11, 2012
Philip Roth tries to correct Wikipedia inaccuracies about "The Human Stain" and is told he's not a credible source.

A Game of Literary F, Marry, Kill

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky August 31, 2012
Which of these literary characters would make the better lay, the better spouse, the better murder victim?

12 Hysterical, Offensive, Ridiculous, Controversial, Frightening, Sexy Book Covers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky July 30, 2012
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but these 12 designs make it awfully hard not to.

What's in a Name? Cooking with Poo and Other Strange Titles Compete for Prize

News by John Jarzemsky February 27, 2012
An annual prize awards the most bizarrely titled books of the year.

“Scuse me while I kiss this guy.”: Malaprops, Puns, Spoonerisms, Eggcorns, and other hilarity-inducing word mix-ups.

Column by Taylor Houston January 12, 2012
Words are flexible and a writer can have a lot of fun using these devices.