10 Indie Halloween Horror Reads

Column by Andrew Fowlow October 29, 2021
Here are my recommendations for all you Halloween fiends who want truly terrifying stories by indie authors.

Storyville: My Top 12 Horror Films of the Last Four Years

Column by Richard Thomas
A nice list of recent horror, just in time for Halloween.

Writing Good Gore

Column by Peter Derk October 27, 2021
Your scary story needs gore, and it needs gore done right. Check out these tips and exercises to get your gore game on (knife) point.

The 10 Scariest Horror Books of 2021 — Ranked!

Column by Emmanuel Nataf October 22, 2021
Happy Halloween! It's October, and here are the ten scariest books of the year to help you celebrate.

Special Delivery: 9 Horror Scenes of Labor and Birth

Column by Annie Neugebauer October 21, 2021
Witness the miracle of life in all its glory! Scenes of labor, birth, and delivery in horror.

Stick the Landing: How to End a Horror Story

Column by Peter Derk October 20, 2021
Endings are the make or break of horror stories. Stop blowing it.

The Three Seasons of Stephen King

Column by Jay Wilburn October 18, 2021
Jay Wilburn reread all of Stephen King's books in order, discovering three distinct seasons of the horror maestro's career. Are we in the best phase of his writing yet?
Curating Horror: An Interview with Ellen Datlow

Curating Horror: An Interview with Ellen Datlow

Interview by Sadie Hartmann September 21, 2021
What can we expect from the desk of the most knowledgeable editor in horror for this year's spooky season?

DYI Horror: 10 Haunted Fixer-Uppers

Column by Sadie Hartmann September 10, 2021
Not so much a list of haunted house horror, but a list of books featuring a very specific trope within a trope.

Screenplay Lessons Learned Adapting My Own Fiction

Column by Max Booth III September 3, 2021
Turning a book...into a MOVIE? What the hell kind of a witchcraft is this?

The Raw Emotion of Aaron Dries

Column by Jay Wilburn
Aaron Dries is a talented horror author who tells stories with raw emotion and great bloody skill.
Farah Rose Smith by Lucy La Riot

Farah Rose Smith: Of One Pure Will

Interview by Autumn Christian September 1, 2021
An interview with weird fiction writer Farah Rose Smith.
Kirstyn Petras (L), NB Turner (R)

An interview with NB Turner and Kirstyn Petras of Dark Waters Podcast

Interview by Gabriel Hart
The hosts of Dark Waters Podcast open up about their frenetic process.
Mark Allen Gunnells on Crafting Suspense & Diversity in Reading

Mark Allen Gunnells on Crafting Suspense & Diversity in Reading

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
Author Mark Allen Gunnells discusses crafting a tale steeped in heart-palpitating suspense and the importance of reading diversely.

The Loss of Joe McKinney

Column by Jay Wilburn August 19, 2021
Joe McKinney, one of the most talented storytellers in horror, passed away in 2021. His story and legacy are complex.
Interview: "Fuck those other Chuck Wendigs"

Interview: "Fuck those other Chuck Wendigs"

Interview by Gabino Iglesias
I went down into a mine, fought a supernatural serial killer, and earned the right to interview Chuck Wending. You get to sit there and read that interview now. Fair? No. Awesome? You bet!

Other Words for Dark: 10 Horror, Crime, and Thriller Novels in Translation for 2021

Column by Leah Dearborn July 21, 2021
There’s a Czech proverb that says, “You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

Book Cover Trends: Skulls!

Column by Sadie Hartmann July 20, 2021
If you follow book cover design as closely as I do, you've noticed the skull trend and you're diggin' it as much as I am. Let's discuss:
Bear Creek Gazette

An interview with Stuart Buck, Editor of The Bear Creek Gazette

Interview by Gabriel Hart
"Have fun, because one day we are all going to die."

Christine Morgan: A Leading Voice in Extreme Horror

Column by Jay Wilburn July 14, 2021
Christine Morgan has established herself as a unique voice in the extreme horror subgenre via an unusual storytelling path.

Storyville: Story Dissection — "In His House"

Column by Richard Thomas
Richard dissects his epistolary horror story, "In His House."

Hot Ghoul Summer: New Releases From Women in Horror

Column by Sadie Hartmann
"It's a Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit" — Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj. As in H O R R O R lit!

Everything You Need To Know About the 2021 International Booker Prize Shortlist

Column by Emmanuel Nataf June 25, 2021
Da-da-dum, the International Booker Winner has been announced, and you haven't even read the shortlist. Don’t worry: this post is here to help.
Strong Indigenous Voices in Horror

Shane Hawk: A Strong New Indigenous Voice in Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
Emerging indigenous author, Shane Hawk, discusses diversity, small press publishing, and overcoming adversity with writing.
"Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke" by Eric LaRocca

"Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke" by Eric LaRocca

Review by Sadie Hartmann June 1, 2021
A review of the upcoming horror novella, "Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke", by Eric LaRocca, in the style of one of my favorite resources, NoveList Plus.