Jack Black to Star as R.L. Stine in the Upcoming Goosebumps Movie

Jack Black to Star as R.L. Stine in the Upcoming Goosebumps Movie

News by Max Booth III July 21, 2014
It has not yet been confirmed who will play Slappy.

LURID: Barbecue Season - Cannibalism for Connoisseurs

Column by Karina Wilson
It's barbecue season. What exactly IS that sizzling on your neighbor's grill?
Clive Barker's 'Nightbreed' Rises From The Grave

Clive Barker's 'Nightbreed' Rises From The Grave

News by Peter Derk July 8, 2014
Clive Barker's 'Nightbreed' will be re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray in October and is being adapted into a TV series.

6 Horror Magazines You Should Be Reading

Column by Max Booth III June 13, 2014
Some horror magazines you just NEED to read. These are those magazines.

Footnotes: Psycho

Column by Ryan Peverly June 5, 2014
Robert Bloch introduced the modern Everyman psychopath with 1959s "Psycho", a seminal work that ushered a new fascination with horror into popular culture.
Epic Rap Battles of History: Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe

Epic Rap Battles of History: Stephen King vs. Edgar Allan Poe

News by Joshua Chaplinsky June 3, 2014
Two horror mister/meister/masters face off in an epic battle of linguistic prowess.

LURID: Dracula - The Grandaddy Of Them All

Column by Karina Wilson May 26, 2014
Happy birthday Dracula! Since his first appearance in print on this day in 1897 he has never relinquished his hypnotic hold on our imaginations. Lurid takes a look at his genesis and legacy.

Stop Stressing Over Genre and Just Write

Column by Max Booth III May 22, 2014
Genre exists to limit writers. Break those walls down. There are no rules, only you and your story.

Selling Books in an Ocean of Sweat and Malort: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014

Column by Max Booth III May 12, 2014
Max attended Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 and (barely) lived to tell the tale.

Guilty Pleasures: 6 Pulp Treasures You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Reading On Your Daily Commute

Column by Cath Murphy April 24, 2014
Tired of taping a Dickens cover over your copy of Dan Brown? Defy intellectual snobbery with these excellent pulp choices for the daily commute.

LURID: Bardic Birthday Bloodfeast

Column by Karina Wilson
Happy 450th birthday, William Shakespeare! Lurid takes a look at the Bard's hard-on for violence and gore, which has been delighting bloodthirsty playgoers for centuries.
Bookshots: 'Lovecraft's Monsters' edited by Ellen Datlow

Bookshots: 'Lovecraft's Monsters' edited by Ellen Datlow

Review by Rajan Khanna
In 'Lovecraft's Monsters,' editor Ellen Datlow manages to avoid pastiche and keep the stories fresh while still honoring H. P. Lovecraft's legacy.

Footnotes: The Weird, Horrific Birthplace of 'True Detective'

Column by Ryan Peverly April 3, 2014
You saw the show, loved it, and you've had a few weeks to digest it. Now, let's revisit the darkness that was HBO's 'True Detective'-where it came from and what it's done for the weird fiction genre.
Bookshots: 'Hyde' by Daniel Levine

Bookshots: 'Hyde' by Daniel Levine

Review by Cath Murphy
What if Jekyll was the bad guy and Hyde the goodie? Daniel Levine flips Stevenson's classic tale to intriguing effect.
This Is Horror to Release 'The Elvis Room' by Stephen Graham Jones

This Is Horror Unlocks 'The Elvis Room' by Stephen Graham Jones

News by Joshua Chaplinsky March 14, 2014
Stephen's supernatural spinetingler is the latest chapbook release from the fine folks over at This Is Horror.
The Canadian Press/Frank Gunn

Anne Rice Announces New Vampire Novel: ‘Prince Lestat’

News by Riki Cleveland
Anne Rice announces new novel, 'Prince Lestat'.

LURID: Hooray for Hannibal

Column by Karina Wilson February 28, 2014
Hannibal Lecter, AKA the Chesapeake Ripper, returns to TV tonight. Lurid takes a look at his non-linear genesis and his extraordinary appeal.
Bookshots: 'The Troop' By Nick Cutter

Bookshots: 'The Troop' By Nick Cutter

Review by Keith Rawson February 25, 2014
A review of Nick Cutter's brutal horror novel, 'The Troop'.

Prose & Conversation: 'The Girl Next Door' by Jack Ketchum

Column by Leah Rhyne February 21, 2014
There's no other way to put it. Richard Thomas and I read one of the most brutal, most violent, most disturbing books I've ever experienced. Read on for our thoughts about 'The Girl Next Door'.

Footnotes: The Clues Poe Left Behind

Column by Ryan Peverly January 20, 2014
Poe is the father of the detective story and countless other things, but he's also responsible for society's crazed interest in cryptography and the most mysterious story of all -- his death.

LURID: Lifetime (Movie) Achievements

Column by Karina Wilson January 17, 2014
Lifetime Movies have always been a guilty pleasure, but this month the female-centered network surpasses itself with all-new 'Flowers In The Attic' and Lizzie Borden adaptations. Lurid takes a look.
Bookshots: 'Dark Duets'

Bookshots: 'Dark Duets - All-New Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy'

Review by Cath Murphy
Editor Christopher Golden describes this horror anthology as a 'mad experiment'. But does this strange rough beast have real teeth, or just dentures?

Santa’s Naughty Past: A Look at the Long, Hard History of Robert Devereaux’s Santa Claus Chronicles

Column by Cameron Pierce
In 1986, Robert Devereaux wrote the first book in a trilogy of weird, erotic Christmas novels. Nearly thirty years and some censorship controversy later, the trilogy has finally come to a close.

LURID: Macabre Christmas - M.R. James

Column by Karina Wilson
M.R. James is acknowledged as King of The Christmas Ghost Story. Lurid takes a look at the chills his tales have been generating since the Edwardian era.

Fifteen Twisted Christmas Tales

Column by Christopher Shultz December 10, 2013
For an offbeat, weird, macabre and twisted holiday, look no further than this list.