Stop Laughing at Yourself: A Loud Legacy of Exclamations

Column by Leah Dearborn February 19, 2015
Exclamation points are like that relative who drinks too much every Thanksgiving. You can handle Uncle Charlie when he’s at the house, but taking him to a black-tie gala might not be the best idea.

Hide Your Mistletoe: The Bizarre Tradition of Holiday Romance

Column by Leah Dearborn
Since it’s the season of generosity, I figured I would give the internet a present: Puritan sex.

Bodices Don’t Rip: Writing Accurate Historical Fiction

Column by Leah Dearborn
Sitting in a classroom or wandering through a sterile museum, we often feel estranged from history. But history is really about people, and that’s what makes it such fertile ground for writers.
Warren G. Harding's Harlequin-Worthy Letters

Warren G. Harding's Harlequin-Worthy Letters

News by Peter Derk July 9, 2014
After the expiration of a 50-year agreement to have them sealed, letters from former President Warren G. Harding to his mistress have been released.

The Holocaust: In Remembrance, We're Less Alone

Column by Leah Rhyne April 25, 2014
On this weekend's Holocaust Remembrance Day, if we all take a moment to remember...and to write...maybe we can all feel less alone.
CIA Used Doctor Zhivago To Fight Communism

Newly Declassified Documents Reveal The CIA Used Doctor Zhivago To Fight Communism

News by Sean May April 9, 2014
A batch of declassified Cold War documents details the CIA's efforts to sow dissent in the USSR, including using the novel Doctor Zhivago.

Library Love: America’s Athenaeums

Column by Leah Dearborn April 7, 2014
Today's athenaeums are based on a four-thousand-year-old idea: that reading can be a social activity, and one that is necessary for the advancement of civilization.
Bookshots: 'Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn'

Bookshots: 'Lady Bette and the Murder of Mr Thynn' by N.A. Pickford

Review by Leah Rhyne
Come with me to 17th Century England and explore a marriage, a betrayal, and a murder.
Bookshots: 'The Corpse Exhibition' by Hassan Blasim

Bookshots: 'The Corpse Exhibition' by Hassan Blasim

Review by Leah Dearborn
Hassan Blasim's collection of stories presents a surreal interior view of both the Iraq War and a multitude of horrors that followed in its wake.

Think Before You Speak: 10 Words and Phrases with Potentially Offensive Origins

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 11, 2013
A list of everyday words and phrases you might want to avoid, just in case.

The Pen and the Sword: Ten Books That Instigate Conflict and Promote Peace

Column by Leah Dearborn November 8, 2013
Books are not always innocent creations. Time and again, the written word has helped to both inflame and resolve human conflicts.
Hitler Lived Until 1962 — Argentinian Journalist Cries ‘Plagiarism’

Hitler Lived Until 1962 — Argentinian Journalist Cries ‘Plagiarism’

News by Dean Fetzer October 28, 2013
Rumours of the survival of Hitler and Eva Braun have persisted since 1945, but the authors of the most recent outing called ‘Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler’ are now accused of stealing.
Bill O'Reilly kills Jesus

“God Told Me To Write About Jesus” - The Revelation of Bill O’Reilly

News by Dean Fetzer September 27, 2013
The author of ‘Killing Lincoln’ and ‘Killing Kennedy’ says the Holy Spirit gave him the title for his new book, ‘Killing Jesus’.

A Little Bit of History: Six World War II Books You Shouldn't Miss

Column by Leah Rhyne September 11, 2013
It's important to remember the past. Here are six books to help you remember World War II.
Rush Limbaugh Writes Kids Book

Rush Limbaugh Writes Time Travel History Book For Kids

News by Dean Fetzer September 6, 2013
The controversial conservative talk radio personality has written ‘Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans’.

Footnotes: Catch-22's Place in American History

Column by Ryan Peverly August 15, 2013
Despite a lackluster response to its initial publication, "Catch-22" went on to define a country's moral and political outlook.
Winnie the Pooh author AA Milne WWI propagandist

Author of Winnie the Pooh Wrote Propaganda During World War I

News by Dean Fetzer
A.A. Milne was widely considered a pacifist, but newly uncovered documents suggest he was recruited to a military propaganda group charged with putting a positive spin on the war at home in Britain.
Memoir of Anne Frank's Stepsister

Memoir of Anne Frank's Stepsister Highlights Survivor's Lives Post-Holocaust

News by Dean Fetzer
A new book by Eva Schloss, the girl who grew up with Anne Frank, talks about surviving life after Auschwitz and the "consequences of prejudice".
Rare 1st Editions Saved From Nazi Bonfires

Saved From Nazi Bonfires, Rare First Editions Return to Austria

News by Dean Fetzer
A 14 year old boy who fled Austria in 1938 and took more than 50 books to England with him has returned them to his home country after 75 years.
Gene Weingarten picks story idea out of hat - literally

Pulitzer Winning Columnist Picks Story Subject Out of Hat

News by Dean Fetzer
An idea picked at random, Gene Weingarten’s new book ‘One Day’ will center on a single day in U.S. History.
Bestselling Hitler Satire Divides Critics

Bestselling Hitler Satire Divides Critics

News by Dean Fetzer February 6, 2013
Hitler as a modern day celebrity? A German bestseller suggests the great dictator could easily repeat his rise to power in the modern age.
Diary of Anne Frank Enhanced

Anne Frank's Diary Released as Enhanced eBook

News by Christopher Shultz
Since its original publication in 1947, the famous book has seen many incarnations, but this newest edition brings the story to the digital age.
'Ghost Dances' by Josh Garrett-Davis giveaway

UPDATED WITH WINNER -- Little Punk on the Prairie: Win A Copy of 'Ghost Dances' by Josh Garrett-Davis

News by Joshua Chaplinsky September 17, 2012
Win a copy of Josh Garrett-Davis' historical punk rock plains memoir, 'Ghost Dances: Proving Up on the Great Plains.'
O'reilly assassinates Kennedy assassination

Bill O'Reilly Announces Another Sure To Be Controversial Book About A Murdered President

News by John Jarzemsky February 16, 2012
Bill O'Reilly announces plans for another book about killing Presidents. Terrorist watch-list, anyone?
Khmer Rouge victims sell books at former prison

Victims of Khmer Rouge Torture Support Themselves Through Book Sales at Former Prison

News by John Jarzemsky
Two survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia make their living selling books at their former torture site.