Stephen King’s 10 Most Underrated Novels From a Guy Who's Read Them All

Column by Jay Wilburn January 10, 2022
Stephen King has written a lot of novels over the past half century. You may have opinions about his best or his worst books. But what about his most underrated? The hidden treasures?
Bookshots: 'Triggerman' by Walter Hill and Matz

Bookshots: 'Triggerman' by Walter Hill and Matz

Review by Bart Bishop
A Review of Walter Hill's new comic book, 'Triggerman', from Titan Comics, in collaboration with crime novel publisher Hard Case Crime, with art by Matz.
Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

"I don’t need a second-rate Chandler. I need a first-rate you": An Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

Interview by Max Booth III
Writing a novel in 27 days. Comparing novelizations to novels. What to consider before submitting to Hard Case Crime. Plus - Lawrence Block's lost debut novel rediscovered!
Bookshots: 'The Nice Guys: The Official Movie Novelization' by Charles Ardai

Bookshots: 'The Nice Guys: The Official Movie Novelization' by Charles Ardai

Review by Max Booth III
A look at Charles Ardai's novelization of Shane Black's "The Nice Guys".

Ring in the Noir Year: 8 Promising New Crime Titles For 2015

Column by Leah Dearborn
A New Year’s roundup of some promising noir, mystery, and true crime to ring in 2015.
Bookshots: 'Brainquake' by Samuel Fuller

Bookshots: 'Brainquake' by Samuel Fuller

Review by Keith Rawson
LItReactor's review of legendary film director Samuel Fuller's "lost" novel, 'Brainquake'.
Arrest Us, Mulholland Books, Broken River Books, Hard Case Crime, MysteriousPres

Arrest Us: Meet The Publishers Donating Grab Bags Of Books

News by Rob Hart
Meet the four badass publishers who will be rewarding our most prolific readers!

Why The F*ck Aren't You Reading Ken Bruen?

Column by Keith Rawson October 30, 2013
So tell me, boyo, why the fook aren't you reading Ken Bruen?
Joyland by Stephen King

"Joyland" by Stephen King

Review by Richard Thomas June 27, 2013
A riveting novel of love and loss, "Joyland" weaves together a coming of age tale with ghosts and crime to tell a powerful story.

Writing 'The Twenty-Year Death'

Column by Ariel S. Winter August 7, 2012
'The Twenty-Year Death' is told through 3 complete novels, each in the style of a different mystery master: Georges Simenon, Raymond Chandler, & Jim Thompson. Ariel S. Winter tells you how he did it.
Stephen King's Upcoming Novel Available In Paperback Only

Stephen King Shuns Digital Formats For Upcoming Novel; Goes Paperback Only

News by Rob Hart May 31, 2012
Stephen King's novel 'Joyland' will come out in June 2013 from Hard Case Crime--but it'll only hit physical stores. Citing his love for paperbacks, King said there'll be no eBook version just yet.