Bookshots: 'Flying Couch' by Amy Kurzweil

Bookshots: 'Flying Couch' by Amy Kurzweil

Review by Freddie Moore October 11, 2016
A look inside Amy Kurzweil’s debut graphic novel.
The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression

Bookshots: 'The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression' by Amity Shlaes and Paul Rivoche

Review by Dean Fetzer
A graphic novel primer of the political and economic events during America's Great Depression of the 1930s.
Bookshots: "The Cage" by Martin Vaughn-James

Bookshots: "The Cage" by Martin Vaughn-James

Review by Christopher Shultz November 11, 2013
This trippy precursor to the graphic novel, once out-of-print and hard to find, now has a spiffy new edition from Coach House Books.
Chuck Palahniuk.  Photo by Tim Lebarge

Chuck Palahniuk Will Pen Graphic Novel Sequel to 'Fight Club'

News by Christopher Shultz July 22, 2013
The good news from Comic-Con just keeps rolling right in, as one of our favorite authors announces a follow-up to perhaps his most famous work.

Ask The Agent: A Look At Graphic Novel Submissions

Column by Bree Ogden January 7, 2013
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect a few of the industry’s graphic novel mysteries.

Four Questions With Bree Ogden, Instructor For 'Intro To Graphic Novel Writing'

Column by Bree Ogden
Literary agent, Bree Ogden answers some common questions about the process of creating graphic novels in anticipation of her upcoming LitReactor class.
Millennium Trilogy Comic

DC/Vertigo to Adapt Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy

News by Brandon Tietz October 12, 2011
DC/Vertigo has secured to rights to Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy. Prepare for three years of graphic novel goodness.