Writer, Heal Thyself: Coping with 2017

Column by David Cranmer December 14, 2017
David Cranmer looks back at the tribulations of 2017 as a freelance writer and indie publisher, and how he copes with the pressures of the day-to-day grind while maintaining sanity.

6 Annoying Things Writers Are Asked To Do And How To Ask Anyway

Column by Peter Derk September 21, 2016
Are you thinking of asking a writer friend for help with something? Maybe you should think twice.

Try To Be A Ghost: The Life and Times Of A Professional Ghostwriter

Column by Keith Rawson May 16, 2016
A brief update on Keith Rawson's life as a full time ghost writer.

How to Become a Freelance Writer in 900 Simple Steps – Part 2: The Existential Crisis

Column by Taylor Houston
Part Two of the Nail-biting Saga of Taylor's Freelance Adventure. Watch as she tackles business names, websites, and business licenses!

How to Become a Freelance Writer in 900 Simple Steps – Part 1: Risky Business

Column by Taylor Houston January 24, 2014
Well I just got laid off, so I'm going into business for myself — only I have no idea how. Follow along as I make a complete fool of myself trying to set up a Freelance Copywriting Business.

The Right Way to Write for a Living

Column by Robbie Blair January 23, 2014
Becoming a freelancer taught me to hate my life and the process of writing itself. In this article, I teach you all the things I wish I'd learned before I dove into the freelance lifestyle.

Freelancing: The Art of Saying Yes

Column by Leah Rhyne December 26, 2013
A freelance career is all about saying "yes." How taking some chances can have unexpected payoffs.