"Cursed": The Road to Redemption Starts with Strong Roots

Column by Amanda Bender
The Weeping Monk is by far one of the most compelling characters in Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller's 'Cursed', and is a prime example of how to craft a redemption arc.

The Lost Art of the Graphic Novel Introduction

Column by Bart Bishop
A look back at when comic book trade paperbacks and graphic novels were so new, they attracted A-list celebrities to write the introductions.
Stumbling Towards Jerusalem: Part 1

Stumbling Towards Jerusalem: Part 1

Review by Keith Rawson April 3, 2017
Part 1 of Keith Rawson's review of 'Jerusalem' By Alan Moore.

How to Fight Fascism with Superheroes

Column by Bart Bishop December 15, 2016
A look at 'Last Night, A Superhero Saved My Life', a collection of essays on how superheroes inspire— specifically Ron Currie Jr.'s take on the 1982 Wolverine mini-series and masculinity.

6 Horrible Comic Book Presidents (and One Good One)

Column by Bart Bishop October 20, 2016
A look at the last 40 years of comic book political satire, with real presidents turned into supervillains and supervillains turned into presidents.

Kevin Smith vs. Mark Waid: The End of an Era for Daredevil

Column by Bart Bishop
A contrast of Kevin Smith's "Guardian Devil" and Mark Waid's "The Autobiography of Matt Murdock", discussing what's changed in nearly 20 years of Daredevil.
Dark Knight Strikes Again And Again And Again

Dark Knight Strikes Again And Again And Again

News by Peter Derk
Frank Miller and DC Comics have announced a third entry in Miller's Dark Knight series.

Culling The Classics: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Column by Brian McGackin July 29, 2014
Sifting through history, one classic at a time.
Frank Miller Occupy

Frank Miller is Anti-Occupy

News by Brandon Tietz November 15, 2011
Frank Miller has some choice words about the Occupy movement, and it's not winning him any fans.