A NaNoWriMo Survival Boost

Column by Annie Neugebauer
NaNoWriMo is rough, and we're only halfway there. Inside, find your survival boost.

6 Tips On How To Be Prolific

Column by Eric Beetner February 19, 2018
Eric Beetner on how to increase your writing output.

Three Secrets to a Cleaner First Draft

Column by Riki Cleveland February 8, 2017
If your first drafts are more unfit for public consumption than you’d really like, try these tips for a cleaner, more organized initial pass.

5 Things to Do With Your New NaNoWriMo Book

Column by Max Booth III December 16, 2016
Hope you have some gasoline handy.

5 Benefits of Using a Typewriter on Your First Draft

Column by Max Booth III November 3, 2016
Just please don't bring it to a coffee shop.

They’re All Going To Laugh At You!: 5 Ways To Overcome Anxiety While Writing Your First Novel

Column by Keith Rawson September 26, 2016
Ah, do the first novel blues have you biting your nails and tearing out clumps of hair? Hopefully this listicle will help you find a little balance.

So You Want To Edit A Book Part 1: The Dramatic First Read Through

Column by Leah Rhyne April 24, 2015
Last fall, we (maybe) wrote a book together. Now I'm editing mine, and I'll walk you through my process, a step at a time. Hopefully I've got something to share that'll be helpful to YOU!

The Spork of Publishing: What to Consider After Finishing Your First Novel

Column by Max Booth III March 5, 2015
The publishing industry is a strange beast. Prepare to be chewed up and spat out.

So You Want To Write A Book, Part 2: The Daily Grind

Column by Leah Rhyne October 21, 2014
In this, the third installment of 'So You Want To Write A Book', we discuss the daily work of writing a novel - the daily grind, the mid-book doldrums, to sprint or not, and all sorts of other fun!

The Joy of Writing Longhand

Column by Christine J. Schmidt August 8, 2014
I know I sound like a caveman, but you should really go back to writing your scripts and stories with a pen and paper.

How To Break Up With Your First Draft

Column by Christine J. Schmidt April 14, 2014
You're staying with your first draft for all the wrong reasons. It's time to break free and get to the story you were always meant to write!

Getting Over It, Getting It Out: On Embracing A Bad First Draft

Column by Jon Gingerich September 26, 2012
Let's face it: the first draft of anything is going to be awful. That's okay. In fact, here's why it's encouraged.
The First Draft

The First Draft

Essay by Max Barry April 23, 2012