Cloud Atlas Concept Art

Concept Art and Set Photos From Tom Twyker and The Wachowski Siblings' 'Cloud Atlas' Adaptation

News by Joshua Chaplinsky December 28, 2011
Our first glimpse behind the scenes of the film adaptation of David Mitchell's post modern masterpiece, 'Cloud Atlas.'
American Psycho Remake

"American Psycho" to Get Modernized Remake. Fans Outraged.

News by Brandon Tietz December 9, 2011
Lion's Gate has tapped Noble Jones to write and direct an 'American Psycho' remake. How bad of an idea is this?

The Day I Met God

Column by Ed Sikov December 8, 2011
Film biographer Ed Sikov regales us with the tale of the day he met his lord and master, legendary director Billy Wilder.

Behold! The Unfilmable: The Literary Adaptations of David Cronenberg

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 25, 2011
A detailed look at the literary leanings of cult filmmaker, David Cronenberg.
Being Flynn

Another Bullshit Name-Change In Trailer City

News by Joshua Chaplinsky November 16, 2011
Nick Flynn's "Another Bullshit Night In Suck City" finally comes to the silver screen.
First trailer for The Hunger Games released

Hurry! 'The Hunger Games' Trailer Is Here!!!

News by Rob Hart November 15, 2011
The first full-length trailer for 'The Hunger Games' is released; tweens across the world squeal in delight.

2012 Comic Book Movie Preview

Column by Brandon Tietz November 7, 2011
2012 brings us Ghost Rider, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, and a Spider-Man reboot. What's going to be good? What is sure to suck? Let's discuss.

From Silk Purses to Sows’ Ears

Column by Ed Sikov October 28, 2011
When It Comes to Books Made Into Movies, Middlebrow Assumptions Are Invariably Stupid
Shakespeare Anonymous

The Great Shakespeare Debate: Now A Major Motion Picture

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 27, 2011
The debate over the authorship of Shakespeare's plays rages on as "Anonymous" screenwriter John Orloff responds to Columbia Professor James Shapiro's blasting of the film.
Ender's Game Film

Ender's Game Is Finally Coming To The Big Screen, Courtesy of The Director of "Wolverine" and the Writer of "Transformers"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 26, 2011
A release date has been set for Gavin Hood's adaptation of beloved sci-fi novel, "Ender's Game."
Ben Affleck might be directing a film version of The Stand

Ben Affleck Might Be Directing "The Stand"

News by Rob Hart October 24, 2011
Ben Affleck is the top choice to direct the film version of Stephen King's epic novel, "The Stand."
Aronofsky's Noah

Aronofsky's Epic Biblical Adaptation Becomes A Graphic Novel

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 21, 2011
Director Darren Aronofsky's big budget "Noah" script has been released as a graphic novel in France.

Book Brawl: Geek Love vs. Water for Elephants

Column by Meredith Borders October 21, 2011
'Geek Love' and 'Water For Elephants' each detail the daily lives of circus workers in vastly different ways. What novel will win the coveted honor of literary victor?

Roger Avary To Direct Adaptation Of Bret Easton Ellis's "Glamorama", Sex Scenes Hot As Hell

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 13, 2011
It's been a long time coming, but according to Ellis, Roger Avary's Adaptation of "Glamorama" is finally on its way.

Book vs. Film: Winter's Bone

Column by Tina Estlin Page October 6, 2011
There’s something moving under, under the ice.
A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

Interview by Keith Rawson October 5, 2011
LitReactor corespondent Keith Rawson interviews author Daniel Woodrell about his latest book, the short story collection, The Outlaw Album
Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee's "The Woman" Contest Giveaway

Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee's "The Woman" Contest Giveaway

News by Tina Estlin Page October 4, 2011
Go see Jack Ketchum's newest film adaptation, 'The Woman,' between 10/14-16. Mail him your ticket stub, & get a page from the rough draft of the script, signed by Ketchum & Lucky McKee (director)!
Dr. Sleep

Watch Stephen King Read From His Sequel to "The Shining"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 1, 2011
The rumors are true. Stephen King is writing a sequel to "The Shining," and it has vampires in it.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Books That Should Be Box Office Blockbusters

Column by Meredith Borders October 1, 2011
Hollywood spits out incessant remakes, sequels, prequels and reboots, and yet they can't get it together to produce adaptations of some of the greatest sci-fi novels of all time?