Narrative and the Moving Image: What Film Can Teach Us About Fiction Writing

Column by Jon Gingerich July 11, 2012
Fiction writers can learn a great deal about craft by examining some of the common storytelling techniques used in modern film.
Vulture: Real Covers For Fake Books

Real Covers For Fake Books

News by Kimberly Turner July 6, 2012
Designer Daniel Gray has created cover art for books that exist only in movies. Any takers to write the books to go with them?

What The Dark Knight Can Learn From The Avengers

Column by BH Shepherd June 29, 2012
What can the Dark Knight learn from the most successful superhero movie ever?
'Anna Karenina' Trailer Starring Keira Knightley

Behold, The Trailer For 'Anna Karenina' Starring Keira Knightley

News by Rob Hart June 21, 2012
Director Joe Wright takes Tolstoy's sprawling novel about Russian people pretending to be French and sets the entire thing in a theater. It actually looks not terrible.
Bret Easton Ellis Wants To Write 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie

Bret Easton Ellis Wants To Write Adaptation For 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie

News by Rob Hart June 12, 2012
Bret Easton Ellis, author of 'American Psycho,' is pushing for a new gig: To adapt 'Fifty Shades of Grey' for the screen--and he wants David Cronenberg to direct.
Stephen King's 'It'

Stephen King's 'It' Coming To The Big Screen...Twice

News by Kimberly Turner June 11, 2012
Warner Bros. is bringing Stephen King's 1100-page horror masterpiece 'It' to cinemas in the form of a two-movie series.
Sequel to 'Drive' Could Be Headed To Screen

Sequel to 'Drive', Based on James Sallis' Novel 'Driven', Could Be Headed To the Screen

News by Rob Hart June 4, 2012
James Sallis said the studio behind 'Drive', the critically-acclaimed film based on his book of the same name, is sniffing around his sequel, 'Driven'.

LURID: Grimmly Fiendish - The Horror in Fairy Tales

Column by Karina Wilson June 1, 2012
As 'Snow White And The Huntsman', another 'adult re-imagining' of a classic fairy tale hits our movie screens, Lurid takes a look at the raw horror content of the originals.

Top 10 YA Books That Should Be Adapted for Film

Column by Sarah Pitre May 31, 2012
These literary candidates are primed and ready to follow in the cinematic footsteps of the Hunger Games... and maybe even outshine it completely.

LURID: Jaws - Back In The Water

Column by Karina Wilson May 29, 2012
Happy Memorial Day! Now's as good a time as any to start thinking about your beach reads for the lazy days of summer 2012. So Lurid takes another look at the much-maligned 1970s bestseller, 'Jaws.'
'The Great Gatsby' Trailer

Trailer for 'The Great Gatsby' Drops Online

News by John Jarzemsky May 23, 2012
The first trailer for director Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald hit the web yesterday.
The Marriage Plot' Headed To Silver Screen

Eugenides' 'The Marriage Plot' Headed To The Silver Screen

News by Rob Hart
Jeffrey Eugenides' latest novel, 'The Marriage Plot,' will be adapted with Greg Mottola behind the camera.
'From The Dust Returned' Headed For The Big Screen

Ray Bradbury's 'From The Dust Returned' Headed For The Big Screen

News by Kimberly Turner May 11, 2012
'From The Dust Returned' is the latest Ray Bradbury book to be picked up by Hollywood. Film adaptations of Bradbury's Martian Chronicles, Illustrated Man, and Dandelion Wine are already in the works.
Class, Interview, Q&A, Scott Myers

5 Questions with LitReactor's Scott Myers; 'A Screenwriter's Approach To Story Prep' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Master screenwriter Scott Myers answers from questions for us on good movie scripts and the common mistakes that new screenwriters make. His LitReactor class starts this Monday.

Assembling the Avengers: An Essential Reading List

Column by BH Shepherd May 4, 2012
The Avengers has always been about vastly different people finding common ground and working together. This just might be the superhero movie we need.
Warner Brothers To Release Script eBooks

Warner Brothers Prepping To Release Scripts As eBooks

News by Rob Hart May 1, 2012
Warner Brothers will take four of its most iconic films and release the scripts as eBooks. They'll be bundled with supplemental material and retail for $10 a pop.
First 'Life of Pi' image

Here's Your First Look At Ang Lee's Adaptation of 'Life of Pi'

News by Rob Hart April 26, 2012
The first picture from Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's award-winning novel is out, and it's... interesting.
Charlie Kaufman Chaos Walking

Lionsgate Taps Charlie Kaufman To Adapt YA Novel

News by Rob Hart April 24, 2012
Lionsgate will adapt Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy for the screen--with Charlie Kaufman writing the screenplay for the first installment of the YA series.
'Hemingway & Gellhorn' trailer

HBO Releases Trailer For 'Hemingway & Gellhorn'

News by Rob Hart April 23, 2012
The film, starring Clive Owen as Hemingway and Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn, chronicles the pair's five-year marriage and their work during the Spanish Civil War.

How to Tell a True Horror Story: Cabin In The Woods

Column by Stephen Graham Jones April 13, 2012
If 'Cabin in the Woods' is a love letter to the horror genre, then this is a love letter to 'Cabin in the Woods.'
Story of 'Mary Poppins' Author Being Made into Film

Story of 'Mary Poppins' Author Being Made into Feature Film

News by John Jarzemsky April 10, 2012
Pamela Travers, author of 'Mary Poppins", sold the film rights to Walt Disney, and lived to regret it. Her story is being made into a feature film. By Disney.

Great Book, Crap Film: 5 Adaptations That Truly Suck

Column by Cath Murphy April 9, 2012
Great books don't always make great films. Here are five key examples of good books that attempted the jump to the big screen and fell flat on their faces.
Does Amazon Studios take advantage of writers?

Amazon Wants To Get Into The Movie Business, But Is That Good Or Bad For Writers?

News by Rob Hart
Amazon is soliciting scripts, pitches and test movies, with an eye toward developing content--but there are questions about whether the program takes advantage of writers.
Charlie Kaufman Inks Book Deal

Charlie Kaufman Has a Book Deal, Will Probably Explode Your Face With It

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 29, 2012
If screenwriter Charlie Kaufman hasn't challenged your perceptions of reality enough with films like 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,' his freshly-inked book deal promises to finish the job.
new film version of '1984'

Hollywood Considering A New Film Adaptation Of Orwell's '1984'

News by Rob Hart March 23, 2012
With dystopian lit all the rage, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Shepard Fairey (yes, really) are gearing up for a new film adaptation of George Orwell's seminal novel.