6 Reasons We Still Love L.M. Montgomery's "Anne of the Green Gables" 110 Years Later

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Since its publication 1908, Lucy Montgomery’s "Anne of Green Gables" has been adapted countless times around the word. Here are a few reasons why this Canadian classic is here to stay.

Overcoming Object Love: How to Write Female Leads Who Are People

Column by Rob Blair Young February 5, 2014
"Object love" is a painfully common writing disease that leads us to write two-dimensional women who are more object than person. This article explores how you can overcome the sickness.

Screenwriting: Insert Woman Here - Sidestepping the Sausage Fest

Column by Karina Wilson January 11, 2013
Where are all the female characters in your screenplay? Why should you care about adding some? Where can you put them?