The Hottest Summer Trends in Books, Reading, and Writing

Column by Peter Derk
The hottest trends in literature for summer? We got you.

Adult Coloring Books: The Great Mystery

Column by Stephanie Bonjack November 20, 2017
Adult coloring books rode into town on a white stallion in 2015 and have been flourishing ever since. Why??

14 Things That Prove Tyra Banks' 'Modelland' Is The Craziest Book Ever

Column by Peter Derk March 3, 2016
Tyra Banks' 'Modelland' is, without a doubt, the craziest, insane-est, weirdest, wackiest, a-lot-of-things-est book ever written. And I'll prove it to you.
Gisele Bündchen’s $700 Book Sells Out Before Hitting Stores

Gisele Bündchen’s $700 Book Sells Out Before Hitting Stores

News by Raine Winters November 11, 2015
Because that’s not an exorbitant price tag at all.

Why You Need A Writing Uniform

Column by Peter Derk September 30, 2015
Do the clothes make the writer? And do the same clothes every day make a BETTER writer?
Dragon Tattoo Fashion Line

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" Gets Its Own Clothing Line

News by Brandon Tietz October 28, 2011
Calling all hipster chicks! Soon you can dress up like Lisbeth Salander!