The Books of Horror Facebook Group: Readers Take Over

Column by Jay Wilburn June 1, 2022
The Books of Horror Facebook group is reshaping the indie horror scene.
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'The Woman From Prague': How To Crowdsource An Interview On Social Media When You're Tired Of Writing Promotional Posts

Interview by Rob Hart July 11, 2017
Pirate novels, Krav Maga, crabs, and one answer that'll probably make a whole bunch of people angry.

Google Made Me Stupid. How Do I Learn to Read Again?

Column by Bart Bishop November 7, 2016
A look at the author's inability to focus on novels these days, and how Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" predicted all this in 2008.

10 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn't Do A Damn Thing For Writers

Column by Peter Derk October 5, 2016
Your book isn't selling despite your social media efforts? Welcome to the club.
Facebook Says The Written Word Is Coming To An End

Facebook Says The Written Word Is Coming To An End

News by Peter Derk June 16, 2016
Is Facebook right? Is the written word on its death bed?

Literary Orphanages: 5 Places to Find Open Calls for Submissions

Column by Max Booth III April 7, 2016
Now that you've written something, it's time to find a place to submit it.

8 Ways To Fix Your Social Media Screw-Up

Column by Peter Derk January 6, 2016
You're an author who screwed up on social media. What do you do next, hotshot? What do you do?

How to Make the Internet a Less Scary Place: Three Rules for Writers

Column by Cath Murphy October 19, 2015
Negotiating the internet can be a little like wandering a dark room with nothing on your feet but your socks. Here's how to get from one side to the other without stubbing your toes.

Faust, Facebook, and the Future of Media

Column by Leah Dearborn May 8, 2015
Facebook has been in talks with a number of news organizations over the past year. Instead of posting links to outside content on Facebook, the social media giant wants to become a primary publisher.

Breaking Down the Facebook Terms and Conditions Update — 2015

Column by Jessica Meddows
Facebook updated their privacy policies and terms and conditions in January this year. We explain what this means for users on a practical level.
Facebook Announces Book Club

Facebook Announces Book Club: Read a Book Every Two Weeks

News by Max Booth III January 5, 2015
A whole book, every two weeks? Come on, Zuckerberg, what's with the amateur reading speed?
Dahmer, Satan, And Hitler: How One Woman Was Facebook Censored

Dahmer, Satan, And Hitler: How One Woman Was Facebook Censored

News by Peter Derk May 19, 2014
A New Jersey woman was banned from posting about her family on Facebook after a series of frightening rants and a kidnapping attempt.

Targeting Your Readers One Headshot at a Time

Column by Max Booth III April 29, 2014
We're not saying to threaten your readers with actual violence, but we're not NOT saying it, either.

Facebook Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Column by Brandon Tietz March 20, 2014
One author's experiment to obtain more Facebook "likes" using his own money.

Social Media and the Law: What Can You Write and Do You Own Your Content?

Column by Jessica Meddows December 10, 2013
There isn't a legal moratorium on social media - laws that apply to writing still apply on channels like Facebook and Twitter. But what can't you say? And what rights do you retain?
How Can Eggers Have Plagiarized a Book He’s Never Read?

How Can Eggers Have Plagiarized a Book He’s Never Read?

News by Dean Fetzer October 4, 2013
Dave Eggers, founder of McSweeney’s, says he’s never read ‘The Boy Kings’ by Kate Losse — who’s accused him of plagiarism in his new book, ‘The Circle’.
Jane Austen Facebook Game

BBC Unveils New Jane Austen Facebook Game

News by Kimberly Turner July 13, 2012
The BBC’s new Facebook game asks players to help Jane Austen coax escaped ‘Pride And Prejudice’ characters back into their book.
ChapterShare Facebook App

Hachette Launches ChapterShare Facebook App

News by Kimberly Turner May 24, 2012
ChapterShare, a new Facebook app by Hachette Book Group, lets you read, share, and buy upcoming books.
Selling stuff on Facebook will make people unfriend you

Lose Friends On Facebook By Selling Stuff, Says Nielsen

News by Rob Hart December 20, 2011
Nielsen says one of the top reasons people get unfriended on Facebook is for selling stuff-- not great news for authors trying to promote themselves.
Salman Rushdie vs. Facebook

Salman Rushdie vs. Facebook

News by Brandon Tietz November 15, 2011
Salman Rushdie gets his Facebook deactivated over name controversy. Are you sure you want to use a pen name?

Using Social Networks To Build A Writing Brand, i.e. How To Whore Yourself On Twitter

Column by Rob Hart October 26, 2011
Social networking is easy if you want to tell people what you had for dinner last night. When you're a writer building a brand, it requires a little more thought--and a lot more dedication.
Announcing the Winners of our 'Show Us Your Shelves' Contest

Announcing the Winners of our 'Show Us Your Shelves' Contest

News by Tina Estlin Page October 3, 2011
Here are the winners for our very first contest, "Show us Your Shelves!" Lit Nerds & Their Oft' Fussed Happy Place