Zac Smith

Zac Smith: "Maybe I Think It Just Feels Fun"

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart interviews Zac Smith about his new collection, "Everything Is Totally Fine" (Muummuu House).
Review: Saint 1001 by Daphne Gottlieb

Review: "Saint 1001" by Daphne Gottlieb

Review by Nick Mamatas October 15, 2021
A letter from the culture, addressed to you, like the personal physical correspondence you haven’t received from even your closest friends in years.
Art by Rachel Lilim

A Roundtable Discussion on Generative (or AI-assisted) Writing

Interview by Gabriel Hart October 7, 2021
An in-depth exploration of the modern cut-up method by three "Black Box" writers and one (or two) of their bots.

The Guns Going Bang Is Sick: The Experimental Hyper-Violence of MIKA

Interview by Gabriel Hart
The experimental mid-west trans author/editor opens fire.

10 Books that Influenced "The Paradox Twins"

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
A list of books that informed the debut novel from LitReactor Managing Editor, Joshua Chaplinsky.
Interview: Blake Butler on "Alice Knott" and Creating Challenging Art

Blake Butler on "Alice Knott" and the Creation of Challenging Art

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
Blake Butler discusses his mind-bending new novel and the process that led to its creation.
Jeff Jackson Destroys All Interviews

Jeff Jackson Destroys All Interviews

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky October 15, 2018
The "Mira Corpora" author discusses accessibility, punk rock, and his new two-sided novel.

Anatomy of a Mini Flash Novel Experiment: Angel Dust

Column by Alex Behr
"Planet Grim" Author Alex Behr turns prompts into experimental prose.

I'm Tired of Genre Fiction. Gimme the Weird Stuff.

Column by J. David Osborne August 24, 2017
A guy who loves genre fiction tries to understand his sudden obsession with avant-garde writing.

Storyville: Are You Unique or Just Difficult with Your Fiction?

Column by Richard Thomas May 31, 2017
Make sure you're not being difficult and vague when trying to write unique stories. Here are some tips.