30 of Webster's Worst Words

Column by Peter Derk
Neologisms regarding the embiggenment of bougie wanderworts and artisanal hophead concerns.
F-Bomb News Roundup

F-Bomb News Roundup

News by Peter Derk
Oldest written f-bomb found, f-bombs on tickets are free speech, and who is topping Twitter in dropping the ol' F?

Turning a Phrase: How to Write Historical Dialogue

Column by Leah Dearborn September 4, 2015
When done correctly, historical dialogue can be used as a tool to add polish and an air of authenticity. Done incorrectly, it can completely eject a reader from the story.
Bookshots: 'Damn! A Cultural History of Swearing in Modern America' by Rob Chiri

Bookshots: 'Damn! A Cultural History of Swearing in Modern America' by Rob Chirico

Review by Brian McGackin December 2, 2014
Who the f*** doesn't love cursing?

What's In A Name?

Column by Christopher Shultz January 22, 2014
What's your process for naming characters? Is it research-heavy and involved, or do you just trust your guts? Here are some resources and thoughts on either approach.

8 Awesome Word-Nerd Games

Column by Rob Blair Young December 20, 2013
I share some of my favorite word-nerd games, including well-tried classics, lesser-known gems, and some truly strange favorites.

Wassailing with Wenceslas - Christmas Carol Origins

Column by Taylor Houston December 17, 2013
What does it mean 'to wassail'? Why did King Wenceslas go out on Boxing Day? Why does figgy pudding come with a lighter? Find out the origins of these and other odd Christmas Carol lyrics.

5 Words to Be Grateful For

Column by Ed Sikov November 28, 2013
In this season of giving thanks, one man expresses gratitude for a few of his favorite words.

Think Before You Speak: 10 Words and Phrases with Potentially Offensive Origins

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 11, 2013
A list of everyday words and phrases you might want to avoid, just in case.
Def, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary Seeks Origins of the Word 'Def'

News by Christopher Shultz July 31, 2013
Could 'def' predate 1979? The OED wants to find out, and they're enlisting dictionary users to help in the search.

Etymological Evolution: 12 Words Altered By Historical Misuse

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 23, 2012
Does the widespread misuse of certain words get your goat? Well suck it up, because that's one of the ways the English language evolves.