godless.com and the Evolution of Publishing

Column by Jay Wilburn
Finding alternatives to Amazon is risky. The success of godless.com may be a rare window into what is next in publishing.

Viable Alternative Platforms with Potential for Author Income

Column by Jay Wilburn May 21, 2021
There are hundreds of places you can publish original work, but most of it is going on Amazon. Here are some alternatives for authors and readers to consider.

Finding Success When Your Back is Against The Wall

Column by Dean Fetzer June 17, 2014
After a decade of struggling with the traditional publishing model, author John A. A. Logan decided to self-publish his fifth book on Christmas day 2011 — and found the success he'd been after.

Exploring the Digital Wilds: Expanding Our Approach to Novels

Column by Rob Blair Young December 27, 2013
The new frontiers of the digital world are changing the way we think about stories. This article dives into some of the new storytelling formats of the internet era.
Bloomsbury announces improved margins on eBooks

eBooks are Selling More Copies All the Time, But Who’s Getting the Money?

News by Dean Fetzer January 22, 2013
With Bloomsbury (publisher of the Harry Potter books) reporting improved margins and higher eBook sales, it poses the question: why aren’t authors seeing more money as a result?
“Read Them Here First” - magazines go digital before hitting newsstands

Digital Magazines from Hearst Hitting iPad Before Newsstands

News by Dean Fetzer January 22, 2013
In a new move for the industry, magazine publisher Hearst has partnered with Apple to release the digital versions of its titles before print versions are available.
Random House accepting submissions

Random House Launches Three New Digital Imprints, Accepting Submissions

News by Dean Fetzer December 3, 2012
In a move into the 21st Century, Random House is starting three new digital-only imprints in an attempt to get new books out in formats people want to buy.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 4: I Did A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Column by Rob Hart November 19, 2012
Last month, I hadn't really done anything to promote my novella. So this month, I worked a lot harder at it. And it helped. A little. I think?
Humble eBook Bundle

Humble Bundle Proves eBook Prices Can Be Cheap AND Profitable

News by Christopher Shultz October 18, 2012
With authors like Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi in tow, the Humble eBook Bundle gives a'plenty and asks for little in return.

Storyville: Promotion

Column by Richard Thomas July 20, 2012
In this column, we talk about some of the ways you can promote your writing, for little or no money.

10 Lessons Even You Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen June 8, 2012
The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' trilogy has basically become a punchline in publishing, but even hardened writers can stand to learn a thing or two from this weird, kinky, literary train-wreck.

Ask The Lit Coach: "How Does The New Trend In Self-Publishing Affect Literary Agents?" and More

Column by Erin Reel March 19, 2012
Issue 12 of Ask The Lit Coach is all about literary agents. This week we discuss whether or not US agents consider clients living outside the U.S. and what will be the fate of agents post ePublishing