Did Ender's Game Rip Off The Dueling Machine?

Column by Daniel Hope October 31, 2013
A critical look at the rumor that 'Ender's Game' is a ripoff of 'The Dueling Machine', and a discussion of what creativity and originality means.
Orson Scott Card Ender's Boycott

Orson Scott Card Defends Against Ender's Game Boycott

News by Nathan Scalia July 11, 2013
Orson Scott Card has released a statement responding to a boycott campaign of the "Ender's Game" film.
"Ender's Game" trailer

Just Released: First ‘Ender’s Game’ Trailer

News by Dean Fetzer May 8, 2013
See the trailer for the movie based on Orson Scott Card’s cherished novel.

Orson Scott Card’s Personal Beliefs Are Appalling, But...

Column by Kelly Thompson March 7, 2013
DC has hired Orson Scott Card to write a Superman story. Will you read it? Do you support creators with abhorrent personal beliefs? Why or why not? And where do you draw the line?
Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay stance could affect promotion of ‘Ender’s Game’

Major Media to Join Backlash Against Orson Scott Card?

News by Dean Fetzer February 22, 2013
Orson Scott Card’s anti-gay stance could affect promotion of ‘Ender’s Game’ by the media companies involved.
Ender's Game Porn

'Ender's Game' Not Too Porny For Schools, Police Decide

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 22, 2012
'Ender's Game' can be described a lot of ways--like "awesome" and "a great way to get junior high boys to read"--but "pornographic"? Thankfully not, according to police in South Carolina.
Ender's Game Film

Ender's Game Is Finally Coming To The Big Screen, Courtesy of The Director of "Wolverine" and the Writer of "Transformers"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 26, 2011
A release date has been set for Gavin Hood's adaptation of beloved sci-fi novel, "Ender's Game."