The Raw Emotion of Aaron Dries

Column by Jay Wilburn
Aaron Dries is a talented horror author who tells stories with raw emotion and great bloody skill.

Donald Maas and The Emotional Craft of Fiction Writing

Column by Cina Pelayo
Take your readers on an emotional journey that will stay with them even after the final page is turned.

Dialogue: The Number One Mistake Newbie Writers Make

Column by Susan DeFreitas January 3, 2019
There's no lack of online advice about how to write dialogue in fiction. But there’s one issue I see over and over in the dialogue of newbie writers, and I have yet to find one post that tackles it.

Engage Your Readers By Putting Them To Work

Column by Joshua Isard October 29, 2018
As writers, then, we want to ask our readers to do the right kind of work, the kind that helps them engage with our stories as much as possible.

On the Thickness of Skin

Column by Annie Neugebauer June 6, 2018
On the concept of writers needing to develop a "thicker skin," and why it's a damaging myth.

Storyville: Writing a Story or Novel Based on One Emotion

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips, advice and process for writing a story or novel based on one emotion.