What To Do When Your Book Jumps the Shark

Column by Leah Rhyne October 26, 2016
Sometimes a story can get away from its author, going places it never should have dared. What can the author do to pull it back in and make it (hopefully) good again?
Class, Craft, editing, Interview, Tobias Carroll

A Conversation With Tobias Carroll On Short Stories Versus Novels, Teaching, And His Two New Books, 'Reel' And 'Transitory'

Interview by Rob Hart
Tobias Carroll, Vol. 1 Brooklyn editor and LitReactor instructor, is now the author of two novels. When does he find the time? Find out here...

23 Translations: What Your Editor's Queries REALLY Mean

Column by Holly Slater October 4, 2016
“Author query” can be a confusing term. We know how frustrating and delicate writing queries for agents and publishers can be. This is a whole other circus: the query from the Other Side.
Chris Holm

A Conversation With Chris Holm About Editing, Redemption, and His New Novel 'Red Right Hand'

Interview by Rob Hart September 12, 2016
Michael Hendricks, the hitman who hits hitters, is back. To mark the occasion Chris Holm talks a little shop. Specifically, what goes into writing propulsive narratives about bad men.

5 Story Opening Clichés That Need to Die

Column by Max Booth III August 15, 2016
Here's why your dumb story keeps getting rejected.

10 Lessons Learned From My First Grown-Up Writing Job

Column by Peter Derk June 13, 2016
10 hard-won lessons learned during a one-week, grown-up writing job.

Five (Dirty Little) Truths about Proofreading

Column by Susan DeFreitas March 18, 2016
No one wants your book to be perfect more than your proofreader. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

Self-Editing For Dummies

Column by George Cotronis January 20, 2016
You want to edit your own writing. Here's how to get started.

Editor's Notes: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Column by Peter Derk
A magical, whimsical poem is given the editor's best.

Polishing the All-Important First Fives

Column by Riki Cleveland October 7, 2015
Focusing on the first five pages, sentences, or even words of your manuscript can help you get noticed amid the piles of slush.

Sink or Swim: 10 Things I Learned Writing My Second Novel

Column by Rajan Khanna September 10, 2015
Rajan Khanna offers up lessons learned from writing 'Rising Tide,' his second novel and the sequel to 'Falling Sky.'

Falling Without a Parachute: Lessons Learned from My First Novel

Column by Rajan Khanna
Rajan Khanna's first novel, 'Falling Sky', sold without an ending. Here are some lessons learned from the novel's conception through its publication.

Long Story Short: 10 Tips for Trimming an Overly Long Novel Down to Size

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 4, 2015
Maybe you've written an epic novel that requires 110,000 words or more to tell its story. Or maybe you've written a novel that's 30,000 words too long.

So You Want to Edit A Book Part 3: The Paper Project

Column by Leah Rhyne June 1, 2015
There comes a time in every author's life where they get to see their book on paper...and then they tear it up, write all over it, and do it all over again. I'm there now. Let's talk about it.

So You Want To Edit A Book Part 2: The Dreadful First Rewrite

Column by Leah Rhyne May 4, 2015
In this installment of So You Want To Edit A Book, we talk about the first, dreadful rewrite - how I do it, what I try to fix, where I mess up, and what I intentionally leave for later.

So You Want To Edit A Book Part 1: The Dramatic First Read Through

Column by Leah Rhyne April 24, 2015
Last fall, we (maybe) wrote a book together. Now I'm editing mine, and I'll walk you through my process, a step at a time. Hopefully I've got something to share that'll be helpful to YOU!
Draftback: Instant Replay For Writers

Draftback: Instant Replay For Writers

News by Peter Derk March 6, 2015
Draftback lets a writer watch her entire process, from A to...whichever letter ends the piece.

The Spork of Publishing: What to Consider After Finishing Your First Novel

Column by Max Booth III March 5, 2015
The publishing industry is a strange beast. Prepare to be chewed up and spat out.

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Eight

Column by Gayle Towell January 14, 2015
This column explores the art of editing by providing detailed feedback and edits on reader submitted paragraphs.

Path to Publication 3.4: Gearing Up For A Big Year, and How Deadlines Change Everything

Column by Rob Hart January 5, 2015
The second book is done, and even has a release date. We're still six months out from the first book's release. There's a lot to look forward to, but still a lot of work to do.

How NOT to Edit a Shared-World Anthology

Column by Max Booth III December 9, 2014
With a shared-world anthology, continuity is critical. Too bad Max was too busy getting drunk and watching Netflix to actually pay attention the first time around.

Edit My Paragraph! Episode Six

Column by Gayle Towell November 13, 2014
This column explores the art of editing by giving detailed edits to reader-submitted excerpts.

Path to Publication 3.3: On Editing, And A Little On Blurbs

Column by Rob Hart November 6, 2014
My edits came in—and they were good! I talk a bit about doing the final pass edit on my novel, locking it into place, and moving onto the next thing—as well as a bit about blurbs...

Product Review: GoodNotes

Column by Christopher Shultz
While ostensibly expensive, this is the best PDF reader/annotator for iOS. Editing manuscripts on your iPad has never been this sexy.

The 5 Scariest Grammar Issues: Your Guide to Fearless Writing

Column by Susan DeFreitas October 24, 2014
No matter how accomplished you are as a writer, chances are, there's at least one grammar issue that scares the living bejeezus out of you. Now is the time to slay it once and for all.