LURID: Spine-Tingling Victorian Ghost Stories

Column by Karina Wilson December 14, 2012
The Victorians perfected the art of the chilling ghost story, ideal for whiling away long winter evenings. Here's a selection to add some seasonal spice to your Yuletide reading.

LURID: Furry Monsters - When Good Pets Go Bad

Column by Karina Wilson November 7, 2012
LURID takes a look at what might happen if that cute furball companion transformed into a fanged monstrosity with a taste for human flesh. Think your good pet won't go bad? Think again...

What Scares You? 30 Terrifying Horror Stories Straight Out Of Your Worst Nightmares

Column by Kimberly Turner October 31, 2012
Nothing to fear but fear itself? What about dead things, evil dolls, darkness, madmen, water, spiders, and snakes? No matter what freaks you out, there's a book that'll scare the hell out of you.
Edgar Allan Poe's Hair Auction

Profiles in History to Auction a Lock of Edgar Allan Poe's Hair

News by Christopher Shultz October 23, 2012
Though it may seem arcane and a little weird, chunks of the macabre author's hair are highly sought after by memorabilia collectors.
Free Poe Stories For Halloween

Poe Pro Bono: Free Scary Stories For Halloween

News by Dave Reuss October 15, 2012
To get you in the Halloween spirit, here's everything Edgar Allan Poe has ever written. For free.
Poe House Poor House

Baltimore Sends The Edgar Allan Poe House To The Poor House

News by Kimberly Turner September 12, 2012
Two years after the city of Baltimore cut its funding, the small Baltimore row house where Poe lived and wrote is struggling to survive.

Passing Strange: 15 Of The Most Bizarre Author Deaths On Record

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky June 27, 2012
A list of authors whose passing couldn't have been stranger if they'd written it themselves.

LURID: Autopsy Moxie

Column by Karina Wilson May 3, 2012
Do you read dead people? Lurid looks at our fascination with violent deaths and the fine forensic minds who make sense out of senseless killing.

LURID: My Top 10 Bloody Valentines

Column by Karina Wilson February 14, 2012
Happy ever after? How dull can you get?! Lurid's Top Ten pick of the bloodiest, most doomed, destructive and messed up relationships in literature. Happy Valentine's Day!
Raven's Bride Plagiarism

Lenore Hart Under Fire for Plagiarism

News by Brandon Tietz December 8, 2011
Lenore Hart is the second author of late to find themselves in the middle of a plagiarism scandal, but unlike Q.R. Markham, her publisher is going to bat for her.
Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx home undergoing renovations

Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx Home Undergoing Renovations

News by Rob Hart October 27, 2011
Edgar Allan Poe's Bronx home is undergoing renovations, although it's unclear when it will open for visitors.