No Names, No Jackets: E-Book Discovery Site

New eBook Discovery Site Retains Simplicity - and Anonymity

News by Dean Fetzer June 28, 2013
A newish, stripped down site with no advertising, author names or other details that showcase the content of a book - just a sample chapter to help make your mind up.
Amazon Publishing Has First Million-Copy Hit

‘Hangman’s Daughter’ Series Sells Over a Million Copies for Amazon Publishing

News by Dean Fetzer
Amazon’s publishing venture gets its first million-copy seller with the popular three-volume series.
Pirated eBook Versions of 'Joyland' Appear Online

Pirated eBook Versions of 'Joyland' Appear Online

News by Dean Fetzer June 17, 2013
Only weeks after Stephen King hit the headlines for not releasing an eBook version of his latest, rumours of electronic copies circulating on the Internet have surfaced.
Amazon Takes Readers on a Trip With New Discovery Tool

New Amazon eBook Discovery Tool Takes Readers “Around the World in 80 Books”

News by Dean Fetzer
The online giant has just unveiled “a curated map of books from the book editors at” for a literary world trip, with 80 new and classic books representing each continent.

Cum for Bigfoot: A Sexy Self Publishing Success Story

Column by Virginia Wade June 12, 2013
Virginia Wade, author of the successful "Cum For Bigfoot" series, talks erotica, self publishing and the joys of ape-sex.
Script Lit Turns Unproduced Screenplays Into eBooks

New Company Script Lit Turns Unproduced Screenplays Into eBooks

News by Christopher Shultz
For heaps of scripts in Hollywood whose future hangs in the balance, Script Lit offers a new life in a different medium.
Meet Steve Erickson: Video Interview

Meet Steve Erickson: Video Interview and eBook Release Info

News by Joshua Chaplinsky May 22, 2013
The master storyteller is featured in a new video interview to herald the arrival of six of his genre-defying novels on eBook.
Stephen King Joyland Stand prequel

King Delays "Joyland" eBook Release and Releases 88-page Prequel Poem to ‘The Stand’

News by Dean Fetzer May 21, 2013
The author was an early adopter of eBooks, famously releasing ‘Riding the Bullet’ for $2.50, but it seems he’s supporting bookshops now — and releasing a poem he wrote in college about Randall Flagg.
NYT eBook Bestseller List Online Only

Changes at New York Times Book Review - eBook Bestseller List Moves Online

News by Dean Fetzer May 20, 2013
New editor Pamela Paul is putting her mark on the famed literary publication by shaking a few things up.
Out of Print documentary

‘Out of Print’ Explores “Sad Future of Reading and eBooks”

News by Dean Fetzer May 1, 2013
Paper books are still alive and well, but a new documentary called ‘Out of Print’ about the death of eBooks and paper books debuted last week at Tribeca.
 "Irene Iddesleigh" by Amanda McKittrick Ros

Now You Can Read The Worst Novel Ever Written For Free!

News by Christopher Shultz April 18, 2013
Getting famous for publishing garbage isn't anything new: Amanda McKittrick Ros did it way back in 1897.
David Risher Worldleader Org eBooks

Former Amazon Executive Launches Free eBooks App For Underdeveloped Countries

News by Christopher Shultz April 10, 2013
David Risher's Worldreader Organization believes everyone should have access to free books, and now he's made it even easier for those in need to get them.

Penguin Announces Big Changes in Library eBook Availability

News by Christopher Shultz
The publisher loosens industry-standard restrictions, pleasing librarians and, no doubt, the general public.
Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Data

Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Data with Authors and Agents

News by Christopher Shultz
Utilizing full disclosure as combat tool, the publisher will now make illegal downloading statistics more transparent.

Amazon Shakes Up Indie Book Marketing Starting March 1

Column by Erik Wecks February 28, 2013
Amazon made changes to their affiliate agreement last week which will reshape how eBooks are marketed and priced.
Ingram’s MyiLibrary to Make eBook Lending Easier

Ingram’s MyiLibrary to Make eBook Lending Easier

News by Dean Fetzer
Ingram, “the largest distributor of digital and print content in the world” is working to make it easier for publishers and libraries to lend eBooks.
Amazon Granted Resale Marketplace Patent

Amazon Granted Resale Marketplace Patent for Used eBooks, Songs, Other Digital Content

News by Dean Fetzer February 8, 2013
Rather surprisingly, considering the online giant’s current business model revolves around DRM, Amazon seems to be entering the used content arena. A sea change? We’ll see.
The People's eBook

The People's eBook Hopes to Revolutionize Digital Book Design

News by Christopher Shultz February 8, 2013
Fresh off a successful crowdfunding campaign, the new website aims to give authors a fast and simple way to craft their work for eReaders.
Would you like a sext from this man?

Book Promo Ideas #1,009,259: Pre-order, Get Valentine’s Sext From Author

News by Dean Fetzer February 8, 2013
In the modern age, book promos are continually changing, and this new idea to promote Sam Pink’s eBook ‘Rontel’ is… different…
Diary of Anne Frank Enhanced

Anne Frank's Diary Released as Enhanced eBook

News by Christopher Shultz
Since its original publication in 1947, the famous book has seen many incarnations, but this newest edition brings the story to the digital age.
Bloomsbury announces improved margins on eBooks

eBooks are Selling More Copies All the Time, But Who’s Getting the Money?

News by Dean Fetzer January 22, 2013
With Bloomsbury (publisher of the Harry Potter books) reporting improved margins and higher eBook sales, it poses the question: why aren’t authors seeing more money as a result?
'A Memory of Light’ Number One

Robert Jordan's ‘A Memory of Light’ Number One Despite Protests

News by Christopher Shultz January 18, 2013
The last in the late author's Wheel of Time series surges past the pettiness for a stellar debut.
A still from A Charlie Brown Christmas - coming to an eReader near you!

A Charlie Brown Christmas - Peanuts Enters the Digital Age

News by Dean Fetzer
Peanuts Worldwide has partnered with Graphicly to produce more than 60 eBook titles for all the major eReader platforms.
Penguin settles w/ Department of Justice

Penguin and DoJ Agree To Terms on eBook Price Fixing

News by Dean Fetzer
In a widely anticipated move, Penguin Group (USA) and the Department of Justice have agreed on a settlement in the eBook price fixing lawsuit brought by the Government.
Schooled by Deena Bright

Ohio School Teacher Faces Stiff Punishment for Writing an Erotic Novel

News by Christopher Shultz December 13, 2012
The teaching career of one Carol Ann Eastman is on shaky ground. Will her writing career take off as a result?