Garth Miro

Garth Miro: Burning Down The Idol of Vacations

Interview by Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart interviews NYC author Garth Miro, author of 'The Vacation' (Expat Press).
David S. Wills on Hunter S. Thompson and the Rise and Fall of Gonzo Journalism

David S. Wills on Hunter S. Thompson and the Rise and Fall of Gonzo Journalism

Interview by Gabriel Hart December 21, 2021
Gabriel Hart interviews David S. Wills, author of the new Hunter S. Thompson biography "High White Notes," a lengthy academic dissection of HST's writing.

The Hack-Dad Chronicles: Friends Are Better With Drugs

Column by Keith Rawson February 20, 2018
Repeat after me: Drinking and drugging gets you NOWHERE!
Bookshots: 'Getting Off' by Jonathan Reiss

Bookshots: 'Getting Off' by Jonathan Reiss

Review by Ed Sikov
A review of Jonathan Reiss's first novel.
Cannabis Cookbooks Go Mainstream

Cannabis Cookbooks Go Mainstream

News by Raine Winters April 22, 2015
Now you can enjoy your high Martha Stewart style!

Writing Lessons from the Dead: Hunter S. Thompson

Column by Max Booth III September 30, 2014
Max turns to drugs to inspire his creative side.

On Weed: Should Writers Write While High?

Column by Peter Derk September 12, 2014
Does weed help the writing process? Let's find out.
Lee Child is a Dope Smoker

Smoke Weed Every Day: Lee Child Writes Stoned

News by Dean Fetzer August 19, 2013
In a shock confession, the author of the Jack Reacher series admits to “smoking weed for 44 years, five nights a week” — and “keeps his writing razor-sharp by working while high”.

10 Big-Time Literary Druggies

Column by Ed Sikov April 5, 2013
An acid trip down memory lane: writers who achieved fame and fortune as (mostly) unrepentant drug users.

LURID: Bad Trips - Ten Novels With Serious Drug Psychosis

Column by Karina Wilson June 22, 2012
Despite the novelty of bath salts headlines, substance-induced psychosis is nothing new. Here's the Lurid Top Ten pick of the most nerve-jangling drug addiction stories from the last 200 years
$70,000 Worth Of Marijuana Mailed To St. Martin's Press

The Mysterious Case Of The $70,000 Worth Of Marijuana Someone Mailed To St. Martin's Press

News by Rob Hart March 21, 2012
Someone tried to mail 11 pounds of marijuana to a fictional employee at St. Martin's Press. No one seems to know why.