Nick Cave's Handwritten Dictionary

A Sneak Peek into Nick Cave's Handwritten Dictionary

News by Max Booth III December 18, 2014
Nick Cave used to keep a handwritten dictionary, which automatically makes him cooler than you.
Shakespeare's Dictionary Uncovered

Love's Labour's Found: Shakespeare's Dictionary Uncovered?

News by Peter Derk
Two New York booksellers believe they have found Shakespeare's dictionary.
The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Naming Unnamed Sensations: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

News by Emma McMorran Clark March 27, 2014
Despite our wealth of words, there are still some feelings and experiences we struggle to name. This site does just that.

Etymological Evolution: 12 Words Altered By Historical Misuse

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky November 23, 2012
Does the widespread misuse of certain words get your goat? Well suck it up, because that's one of the ways the English language evolves.
F-bomb and Sexting added to dictionary

'F-bomb' And 'Sexting', Among Other Stupid Words, Headed To The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

News by Rob Hart August 14, 2012
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is adding a whole bunch of dumb words! Like F-bomb and sexting and yes, even man cave (shudder).
Public Contributes To New Collins Dictionary

DIY Dictionary: Public Contributes To New Collins Edition

News by Dave Reuss July 20, 2012
Is the general populace enhancing the English language or bloating it with pop-culture minutiae?
Marriage-Equality Activists Aim At The Dictionary

What's In A Word?: Marriage-Equality Activists Aim At The Dictionary

News by Dave Reuss May 29, 2012
In the on-going battle for equal rights, a petition aims to change the dictionary definition of "marriage."
Words of the Year

2011 Words of the Year

News by Brandon Tietz November 30, 2011
The results are in. Here are your 2011 words of the year.