The Joys and Sorrows of Loving Obscure Books

Column by Peter Derk
Loving obscure books can't all be weird sex acts and gruesome murders. There are some downsides, too.
Dennis Cooper's Blog Returns!

Dennis Cooper's Blog Returns!

News by Peter Derk August 26, 2016
Elated to say that Dennis Cooper's work will return to the web!
Dennis Cooper's Work Taken Down By Google

Dennis Cooper's Work Taken Down By Google

News by Peter Derk July 15, 2016
Has Dennis Cooper lost the last 14 years of his life to censorship?
Dennis Cooper 'Zac's Haunted House'

Dennis Cooper's New Novel is Written in Animated GIF

News by Joshua Chaplinsky January 20, 2015
Dennis Cooper takes the experimental novel to its logical conclusion.

Through A Touchscreen Darkly: What Technology Can Do For The Novel

Column by Jack Joslin
Technology is progressing faster and faster, creating new opportunities for literature. Will the novel adapt or die?
Dennis Cooper

Solving The Puzzle of Sex and Violence With Dennis Cooper

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky November 3, 2011
Cult author Dennis Cooper discusses his latest novel, "The Marbled Swarm," as well as his history of sex and violence.