5 Must-Read Frankenstein Retellings

Column by Jena Brown
In honor of Shelley's birthday, we highlight 5 reimaginings of her timeless classic.
Bookshots: 'Weavers' by Aric Davis

Bookshots: 'Weavers' by Aric Davis

Review by Leah Dearborn
'Weavers' loosely focuses on a young girl named Cynthia whose psychic abilities manifest after her parents divorce. Pursuit by a government agency and a host of corrupt individuals ensues.

LURID: Furry Monsters - When Good Pets Go Bad

Column by Karina Wilson November 7, 2012
LURID takes a look at what might happen if that cute furball companion transformed into a fanged monstrosity with a taste for human flesh. Think your good pet won't go bad? Think again...

What Scares You? 30 Terrifying Horror Stories Straight Out Of Your Worst Nightmares

Column by Kimberly Turner October 31, 2012
Nothing to fear but fear itself? What about dead things, evil dolls, darkness, madmen, water, spiders, and snakes? No matter what freaks you out, there's a book that'll scare the hell out of you.