Could Spider-Man Have Saved David Foster Wallace?

Column by Peter Derk February 3, 2022
14 issues of Spider-Man might just save your life.

David Foster Wallace reviews 'List of the Lost' by Morrissey

Column by Cath Murphy November 24, 2015
David Foster Wallace gets stoned with Ayn Rand and cruelly mocks Morrissey's first attempt at fiction.
Infinite Best? New Trailer For David Foster Wallace Movie

Infinite Best? New Trailer For David Foster Wallace Movie

News by Peter Derk
A new trailer has been released for 'The End of the Tour', the David Foster Wallace movie starring Jason Segel.

Mathematicians Among Us: 10 Books With a Numerical Heart

Column by Leah Dearborn March 6, 2015
A list of books to honor Pi Day on March 14 by incorporating a subject many writers shy away from: mathematics.

Death by Canonization: Against Literary Criticism's Mortal Sin

Column by Rob Blair Young November 17, 2014
This extended rant targets a great sin of academic literary criticism: the tendency to praise "great" works in a way that pre-decides the work's value and sets everyone playing emperor's new clothes.

5 Classic Authors Who Hated Their Book Covers (and One Who Got His Ass Kicked as a Result)

Column by Robert Bieselin July 7, 2014
Some classic authors who ridiculed designers, drew up legal clauses in the wake of bad covers, and, yes, even called publishers “fucking pigs.”
David Foster Wallace's Family Not Happy About New Film

David Foster Wallace's Family Not Happy About New Film

News by Sean May April 28, 2014
David Foster Wallace's family and publisher have come out against the upcoming film 'The End of The Tour' starring Jason Segel as the late author.
First Look at Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace

A First Look at Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace

News by Sean May March 20, 2014
Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg were spotted at the Mall of America as David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone editor David Lipsky, shooting the upcoming film 'The End of The Tour.'
Biopic of David Foster Wallace to star Jason Segel

Biopic of David Foster Wallace to star Jason Segel

News by Dean Fetzer December 13, 2013
The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star will play Wallace in the film based on the book ‘Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip’.

Better Off Dead: 10 Posthumous Novels That Should Have Never Been Published

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 23, 2013
You want to devour every scrap of paper your favorite author has ever written, but is it worth tarnishing their legacy?

Uncomfortable Truths: Five Authors Who Do Not Live Up To Their Mythology

Column by Cath Murphy May 31, 2013
As the next bestseller rolls into town and we are invited to believe its author can turn water into wine, here are five writers who serve as warning not to buy into the usual literary mythmaking.
David Foster Wallace Animated PBS Interview

Unique Animated Interview With David Foster Wallace

News by Dean Fetzer April 18, 2013
The late author was interviewed quite a few times, but a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios brings a 1996 interview to rather beautiful life.

The Blagger's Guide to David Foster Wallace

Column by Cath Murphy October 4, 2012
Do you develop indigestion at the prospect of consuming Infinite Jest’s 1097 pages? Dine instead on this tiny, bite-sized knowledge snack about the man the Chicago Tribune once called a genius.
Explore The Boston Of 'Infinite Jest'? Ellis on Wallace

Want To Explore The Boston Of 'Infinite Jest'? Also, Bret Easton Ellis Not A Fan Of David Foster Wallace

News by Rob Hart September 6, 2012
William Beutler has created Infinite Atlas, an interactive guide to the Boston of David Foster Wallace's novel. Also, Bret Easton Ellis today launched a Twitter tirade against the late writer.

Ten Authors Who Write Great Dialogue

Column by Meredith Borders May 25, 2012
A list of some of the best conversation-creating writers out there.
Pulitzer prize for 2012 withheld

And The Winner Of The 2012 Pulitzer For Fiction Is... Nobody?

News by Rob Hart April 16, 2012
For the tenth time since 1918, the Pulitzer committee has not named a winner in the fiction category. The publishing industry is a bit nonplussed over the news.

No Thanks, Mr Franzen, I Like My Novels Difficult

Column by Phil Jourdan March 14, 2012
Never mind Jonathan Franzen's rants on eBooks and Twitter. He poses a more serious threat: the decline of literary difficulty.
Frazen vs Wallace

Jonathan Franzen Drops Gossip On David Foster Wallace

News by Brandon Tietz October 13, 2011
Is it possible that David Foster Wallace took some liberties with his non-fiction? Jonathan Franzen thinks so.