The Book as the Most Powerful Object of Our Time

Column by Bart Bishop January 5, 2017
On Keith Houston's 'The Book' and why having a physical copy of a book is still important.

Ready Player One: 5 Books About Video Games

Column by George Cotronis November 30, 2015
Try something new: Consume video games in the form of novels.
The Stories at Releases Free eBook Collection For a Limited Time

News by Christopher Shultz July 25, 2013
The sci-fi and fantasy website celebrates five years with a gift to their readers.
Fox Censors Cory Doctorow’s “Homeland” on Google

Battle of the Homelands: Fox Tries to Censor Cory Doctorow’s Novel

News by Dean Fetzer
20th Century Fox, attempting to remove illegal links to its TV series about terrorists, has sent takedown requests which include links to Doctorow’s novel, also called ‘Homeland’.

New This Month: October Reads

Column by John Jarzemsky October 2, 2012
A look at what's dropping in the month of October.