2020 Hindsight: 10 Years Worth of Grammar Advice

Column by Taylor Houston January 14, 2020
It's a new decade! Let's look back on 10 years of giving grammar advice.

Ask the Grammarian: Multiple Hopes, Lay vs. Lie, Basically Useless Vocabulary, and a Stumper

Column by Taylor Houston September 23, 2013
In this episode, we will attack the grammatical conundrums in the following sentence: Basically, our hopes have lay with the children.

Direct-Address Commafication

Column by Stephen Graham Jones October 8, 2012
Donate now to help save the direct-address comma! Get it off the endangered species list! All it takes is one well-placed keystroke, people. All it takes is a little integrity.

Two More Comma Rules You Oughta Know!

Column by Taylor Houston July 18, 2012
Two more comma rules that every writer should learn.

Three Comma Rules You Need to Learn Now! NO MORE EXCUSES!

Column by Taylor Houston April 19, 2012
There's comes a point in every writer's life when the excuses for not learning how to use commas correctly simply run out. This is that time. Learn these. Right now. Or else.