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The Anti-Love: 10 Great Fictional Nemeses

Column by Kelly Thompson February 6, 2015
All we hear about in February is love, love, love. Well I say BOO to that. Let's talk about the anti-love...let's talk about great nemesis pairings in media!

Comic Book vs. Television: Hellblazer vs. Constantine

Column by BH Shepherd January 22, 2015
How does the new Constantine television series compare to its source material?

Great Geek Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Column by Kelly Thompson December 12, 2014
Fun ideas for all the geeks you love, or just some things you should get for yourself!
Aunt May Movie?

The Amazing Spider-Man's Amazing Aunt: The Movie?

News by Peter Derk
Rumors are flying about an Aunt May feature film.
New Watterson Comic

New Watterson Comic: Please Call It A Comeback!

News by Peter Derk
Famous 'Calvin & Hobbes' artist/scribe pens a new comic, has been quite active in the last couple years.
Action Comics #1: Pay $3.2 Million or Read For Free

Action Comics #1: Pay $3.2 Million or Read For Free

News by Peter Derk October 27, 2014
CGC has uploaded a complete scan of Action Comics #1, first appearance of Superman and the world's most valuable comic.

How to Assemble an Ensemble: Team-Building for Writers

Column by BH Shepherd
A recipe for a good ensemble stock to use in your next literary concoction.

5 Creepy Comics To Suit Every Predilection

Column by Kelly Thompson
Five creepy comics—ranging from dark fairy tales to true crime—to suit all your Halloween needs.
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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer Is Here, And It Is A Thing of Glory

News by Rob Hart October 23, 2014
Ultron! Hulkbuster armor! James Spader! So much destruction! Looks like the stakes are going up. Way up.
The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances

Bookshots: 'The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances' by The Oatmeal

Review by Leah Rhyne October 1, 2014
Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal) tries to explain why he runs ultra-long distances, with hilarious and poignant results. Yes. I said poignant. Deal with it.
Captain Citrus

Captain Citrus Is Here To Save Your Mimosa

News by Peter Derk
Marvel and Florida Orange Growers team up to make a comic book. Of sorts.
Man Makes It Official, Marries Stack Of Comic Books

Man Makes It Official, Marries Stack Of Comic Books

News by Peter Derk
Artist Simon Hanselmann married a stack of comic books in a full ceremony at the Small Press Expo.
'Watchmen' Author Alan Moore Pens 1 Million Word Novel

'Watchmen' Author Alan Moore Pens 1 Million Word Novel

News by Peter Derk September 11, 2014
Author Alan Moore has just finished a draft of his new novel, and it tops out at 1 million words.
Booze And Comics Unite Under Bacardi Flag

Booze And Comics Unite Under Bacardi Flag

News by Peter Derk September 8, 2014
Comics dream team Warren Ellis and Mike Allred team up to create graphic novel depicting the life of rum maker Emilio Bacardi.

Comic Book vs. Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Column by BH Shepherd September 3, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy may be a box office success, but how does it measure up to its source material?

Should You Be Reading Archie Comics?

Column by Peter Derk August 7, 2014
Archie comics have been making headlines for a few years. Are they worth a read?

Culling The Classics: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Column by Brian McGackin July 29, 2014
Sifting through history, one classic at a time.
Eisner Award Winners Announced

Sex Criminals, Manga Masters, Hard-Boiled Crime and Sagas: Eisner Award Winners Announced

News by Peter Derk July 29, 2014
2014's Eisner Award winners have been announced.
Archie dies

SPOILER: Today, Archie Dies

News by Bree Ogden July 16, 2014
When an attempt is made on Kevin Keller’s life, Archie does what Archie would do in this situation; he sacrifices himself for his best friend.
Comic Movie Deluge

Crisis Of Infinite Films: Comic Movie Deluge

News by Peter Derk June 16, 2014
Over 20 different comic book movies have been announced and confirmed for release between now and 2018.

Five Amazing Superhero Cartoons Canceled Too Soon

Column by BH Shepherd May 9, 2014
Sometimes being good just isn't enough. A look at five shows that never got to fulfill their potential.
Amazon Angers Fans With Comixology Changes

Amazon Angers Fans With Comixology Changes

News by Sean May April 29, 2014
Less than a month after Amazon's acquisition of the digital comics giant, the company has removed the ability to purchase comics via Comixology's iOS app, to avoid paying Apple a commission.

10 Unconventional Comics You Must Read

Column by Kelly Thompson April 18, 2014
There are so many "must read" comics out there, but today let's shine a light on some of the more unconventional and sometimes underrated titles you should read along with "Watchmen."
Amazon Buys Comixology

Amazon Buys Comixology, Expands Literature Empire (Again)

News by Sean May April 11, 2014
The media giant has announced that they are purchasing digital comics platform Comixology, in a deal that will expand Amazon's already pervasive reach in the literary world.

5 Good Comics That Leveled Up To Greatness

Column by Kelly Thompson March 28, 2014
Five things that five good comic books did to level up and become exceptional.