The Hack-Dad Chronicles: All Work and No Play

Column by Keith Rawson January 18, 2018
Hooray! The Hack-Dad Chronicles are back! What the hell are the Hack-Dad Chronicles?

5 Things Literary Writers Can Learn from Sci-Fi Writers

Column by Susan DeFreitas September 24, 2014
Think you know what's what because you've got a fancy MFA? Think again. Sci-fi writers know things about workshops, critique, process, and craft that you probably don't—but should.

Where Lit-Fic and Horror Converge: Ten Literary Chillers

Column by Christopher Shultz September 9, 2014
Nightmare-fueled narratives and "literary merit" are not so unfamiliar as one might believe. As a matter of fact, they make quite excellent bedfellows.

Product Review: Marvin

Column by Christopher Shultz August 28, 2014
Like eBooks, but hate the eReading apps currently available? Then meet Marvin.

Why The F*ck Aren’t You Reading Victor LaValle?

Column by Keith Rawson March 25, 2014
Do you like BIG ideas and brilliant, genre defying storytelling? Well, tell me, Why The F*ck Aren't You Reading Victor LaValle?

Onscreen vs. Physical Keyboards

Column by Christopher Shultz February 20, 2014
The technological revolution, or the good old clickety-clack of keys? Are we at a point where built-in tablet keyboards out-perform their physical counterparts? Let's find out.

The Trouble With Being a Mooch: Why Book Trading Didn’t Work for Me

Column by Leah Dearborn August 8, 2013
My recent experiences with book trading website were less than ideal. I outline the pros and cons of the service, and mention an alternative site for getting rid of used books.

The Blagger's Guide to Franz Kafka

Column by Cath Murphy August 7, 2013
No, Kafka is not famous because he turned into a beetle. Spare yourself social embarrassment and find out what makes Franz so special with this handy Blagger’s Guide.

Why The F*ck Aren't You Reading David Peace?

Column by Keith Rawson August 6, 2013
David Peace is one of England's best novelist, and it's about f*cking time the American literati and the rest world discover him.

Priming The Pump: Selling Your eBook On Amazon Isn't As Easy As It Seems

Column by Erik Wecks August 5, 2013
Today, eBooks have created more opportunities for indie authors than ever before, but it is one thing to publish an eBook. It's another to make it sell.

Why The F*ck Aren't You Reading Sara Gran?

Column by Keith Rawson July 15, 2013
You should be reading Sara Gran right now! Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW! And here's a few f*cking reasons why.

Using Social Networks To Build A Writing Brand, i.e. How To Whore Yourself On Twitter

Column by Rob Hart October 26, 2011
Social networking is easy if you want to tell people what you had for dinner last night. When you're a writer building a brand, it requires a little more thought--and a lot more dedication.

Three Things the Author of "Gods and Monsters" Learned by Listening to His Students

Column by Christopher Bram October 26, 2011
Three Things the Author of "Gods and Monsters" Learned by Listening to His Students.

The Case Against Ebook Self-Publication

Column by Paul Graham Raven October 21, 2011
Ebook self-publishing is a cop-out, it’s a settling-for-less born of laziness, and - lipstick the pig as much as you like - it’s no different from the self-publishing of old.