All the Way IN: Immersive Fiction

Column by Kathe Koja
So how does a writer make the written world real? The ongoing, ever-expanding answer is immersive fiction.

What Does It Really Take to Get a Book Published?

Column by Susan DeFreitas
Publishing a book is a bucket-list item for a whole lot of us. But what does it actually take to get published?
LitReactor Instructor Joshua Isard on Creative Writing, Getting an MFA, and the

LitReactor Instructor Joshua Isard on Creative Writing, Getting an MFA, and the Long View

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
Author and MFA Program Director Joshua Isard talks about what to expect from his new class, The Cornerstones of Short Story Writing, and the pros and cons of getting an MFA.

What is Gutter Opera? 'Absolutely Golden' Author D. Foy Is Here To Explain...

Column by Rob Hart
LitReactor Class Director Rob Hart can't explain Gutter Opera. Only D. Foy can do that. Find out how this upcoming writing workshop can get you thinking differently about the mechanics of writing...
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A Quick Chat with Delilah S. Dawson About Her New Comic Book 'Ladycastle'

Interview by Rob Hart January 25, 2017
Delilah S. Dawson has written in multiple genres, dabbled in the Star Wars universe, taught for us at LitReactor... and now she's making the move over to comic books!
John Skipp

A Couple Of Questions With LitReactor Instructor And 'The Art of Horrible People' Author John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart August 31, 2015
John Skipp on short stories, his new LitReactor class, and his latest collection: "The Art of Horrible People."
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Eraserhead Press Publishes Book Plucked From LitReactor Class

News by Rob Hart December 10, 2014
LitReactor's workshops have produced plenty of published short stories and essays. But 'Pax Titanus', now available from Eraserhead Press, is probably the first novel to jump from classroom to print.
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We've Got Some Killer Workshops Coming Up, Covering Poetry, Memoir, Crowd-funding, Grammar, And More...

News by Rob Hart September 25, 2014
Sign up for a class. Work harder. Check out our diverse array of offerings. It's so diverse your head will spin. Seriously.
June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using F

June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using Fact to Support Fiction

News by Rob Hart May 20, 2014
We've got a full slate of classes for June — a little something for everyone.
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LitReactor Instructor Joshua Mohr Announces New Novel, 'All This Life'

News by Rob Hart April 22, 2014
Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press will release the book in May 2015.
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10 Questions with Blud Series Author and LitReactor Instructor Delilah S. Dawson

Interview by Rob Hart March 26, 2014
Delilah S. Dawson, instructor of our upcoming class BECOME A GOD, dishes on her self-publishing venture, her writing process, and celebrating a book deal by feasting on rabbit.

Joshua Mohr and Anisse Gross Talk Plot

Column by Joshua Mohr August 28, 2013
LitReactor instructor and 'Fight Song' author Joshua Mohr talks writing plots with The Rumpus film editor Anisse Gross. You should probably listen.
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10 Questions with NEEDLE Editor and LitReactor Instructor Steve Weddle

Interview by Rob Hart July 25, 2013
Steve Weddle's upcoming novel explores the trials and travails of small town America. He's also the editor of NEEDLE and a LitReactor instructor. We hit him with some questions...
10 Questions, Interview, Classes, Samuel Sattin

10 Questions with 'League of Somebodies' Author and LitReactor Instructor Samuel Sattin

Interview by Rob Hart
Samuel Sattin's debut novel has been called a "hilarious satire of manliness and superhero culture"—and he's the instructor of an upcoming LitReactor workshop! So we hit him with 10 Questions.
10 Questions with Joe Biel, Founder of Microcosm Publishing

10 Questions with Joe Biel, Founder of Microcosm Publishing

Interview by Rob Hart January 17, 2013
Meet Joe Biel, one of our new instructors! A non-fiction publisher, PowellsBooks.Blog said that he's "sold so many [books] that it would make a major New York publishing house green with envy."