Nothing New Under the Mistletoe - 40 Versions of "A Christmas Carol" You Should Check Out

Column by Taylor Houston December 23, 2020
I love "A Christmas Carol", and I thought I'd seen every version out there—I was wrong.

What Famous Authors Would Be Like on Social Media if They Weren't Dead

Column by Max Booth III October 1, 2018
How much writing would Charles Dickens have accomplished with FarmVille in his life?

7 Beloved Authors Who Occasionally Dabbled in Horror

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Seasoned horror fans might know the complete works of Lovecraft & Poe, but how familiar are they with chilling works by Edith Wharton & Truman Capote? Find out as we get into some Horror deep cuts.

Beyond Dickens: 8 Picaresque Novels For The Modern Reader

Column by Leah Dearborn June 9, 2016
It turns out that Pippi Longstocking and Hunter S. Thompson might have something in common.
PCKWCK: Live-Stream Writing with Joshua Cohen

PCKWCK: Live-Stream Writing with Joshua Cohen

News by Peter Derk October 15, 2015
Wanna watch an author write live? With PCKWCK, you can.

Book vs. Film: 'A Christmas Carol' vs. 'Scrooged'

Column by Leah Dearborn December 20, 2013
In this self-referential version of 'A Christmas Carol,' Bill Murray demonstrates that a “Scrooge” is not just one man, but a man that just about all of us know in some facet of our lives.

Top Ten Best-Worst Lawyers in Fiction

Column by Jessica Meddows October 29, 2013
One of history's oldest professions is also the most despised, yet so popular in historical literature and modern fiction. See if you agree with these ten lawyers rated the best-worst in fiction.

Nothing New Under The Sun: The Origins of 5 Common Literary Allusions

Column by Taylor Houston March 27, 2013
Do you ever feel like you are reading the same things over and over again? Well, you are. Here are five familiar literary allusions explained.
Collaborate w/ Shakespeare & Emily Dickinson Online

Now You Can Collaborate With Poe, Dickens, Nietzsche, Shakespeare…

News by Dean Fetzer
Google has put a special demo together for its Google Docs application, allowing you to collaborate with (dead) famous authors, poets and playwrights.
Statue of Dickens to be Erected

Statue of Dickens to be Erected - Over His Dead Body

News by Dean Fetzer January 3, 2013
A statue of the famous author is to be erected in Portsmouth, England, the town of his birth - even though he didn’t want one.

Book Brawl: A Christmas Carol vs. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Column by Meredith Borders December 21, 2012
The two standard tales of Yuletide duke it out in a display of brute strength and glad tidings.

Ghostly Doppelgangers, Bell-Ringing Goblins, and More Cranky Old Rich Jerks: Get in the Holiday Spirit With Some Lesser Known Dickens

Column by Taylor Houston
Can't get enough Dickens at Christmas time? Check out his lesser-known holiday-themed works.

LURID: Spine-Tingling Victorian Ghost Stories

Column by Karina Wilson December 14, 2012
The Victorians perfected the art of the chilling ghost story, ideal for whiling away long winter evenings. Here's a selection to add some seasonal spice to your Yuletide reading.

Would Jane Austen Write A Blog? (and other things writers probably shouldn't do)

Column by Cath Murphy November 16, 2012
Being it is NaNoWriMo, it seems right to look back at the great writers of our time and ask if they would have joined in, or laughed their asses off instead.

Death Turns The Page: Seven Notable Literary Kills

Column by Jon Korn October 26, 2012
When better than this, the spookiest of all months, to examine 7 of the most memorable - and gruesome! - murders in literary history?

The Weird Side Of Literary Tourism: Five Bizarre Book-Inspired Experiences

Column by Kimberly Turner September 13, 2012
Ride through the diseased sewage of Charles Dickens's England, watch a MacBeth-inspired rave/orgy, survive a 'Hunger Games' simulation, and other bizarre ways to live out your favorite books.

Five of the Best Books I Ever Reread

Column by Ed Sikov September 7, 2012
Tired of the attacks, the sniping, the bitter accusations? There's more to Ed Sikov than you've been led to think. Here he talks about books he loves so much he can't get enough of them.
Science Reveals Unseen Passages And Early Versions Of Classics

Science Reveals Unseen Passages And Early Versions Of Classics

News by Kimberly Turner August 8, 2012
A new technology lets us see past the scribbles and cross-outs to determine how prose is shaped and reshaped. Charles Dickens is the first to have his revisions revealed, but he won't be the last.
Charles Dickens Cited As Source For The Dark Knight Rises

A Tale Of Two Gothams: Charles Dickens Cited As Source For The Dark Knight Rises

News by Dave Reuss July 10, 2012
Spoiler alert: anyone who's read A Tale of Two Cities has basically seen The Dark Knight Rises.

Fallen Idols: Disappointing Truths About Five Famous Authors

Column by Cath Murphy April 25, 2012
Like most readers, I want authors to 'fit' the fiction they create, and when they fail to live up to my myths about them, I get fractious.

Autobiographical Fiction: Using Your Real Life To Craft Great Fiction

Column by Taylor Houston February 29, 2012
When crafting fiction from your real life, tread lightly and follow these tips.
Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Dickens!

Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Dickens!

News by Rob Hart February 7, 2012
Charles Dickens would have been 200 today--and people around the world are celebrating the life and work of the legendary author.

The Period Part 2 - Dot Dearth: Postponing The Period On Purpose

Column by Taylor Houston
A continuation of last month's discussion of short sentence lengths. This month we'll explore the merits of the very long sentences.

Sixth Sense Settings: Writing Rich, Descriptive Scenes

Column by Taylor Houston November 1, 2011
Incorporating tone/mood into your settings for realistic descriptions that keep your reader hooked.