Bid to censor Anne Frank's 'pornographic' diary fails

Michigan School Refuses to Remove Definitive Version of Anne Frank's Diary From Curriculum

News by Dean Fetzer May 16, 2013
A mother’s attempt to get the full version of the historic diary banned from schools over “pornographic” anatomical descriptions has failed.
"Persepolis" banned?

Chicago Public Schools Deem 'Persepolis' Inappropriate for 7th Graders

News by Christopher Shultz March 18, 2013
Though previously a mandatory read for middle school students, exposure to Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel may now come a year later.
Amazon's got a problem with porn on the Kindle

The I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶n̶e̶t̶ Kindle is For Porn

News by Dean Fetzer March 8, 2013
Amazon has a problem with self-publishers producing pornography for distribution via Kindle — apparently it’s pretty easy.
Who Censored Shelley’s 'The Revolt of Islam?'

Who Censored Shelley’s 'The Revolt of Islam?'

News by Dean Fetzer
The discovery of an original printing of ‘The Revolt of Islam’ - an epic at nearly 5,000 lines - suggests someone other than the poet amended it.

Seduction of the Innocent: The Story Behind the Story

Column by Max Allan Collins
A fascinating look at the censorship witch hunt of comic books in the 1950s as reflected in the exciting new noir novel, "Seduction of the Innocent" by Max Allan Collins.
News, Apple, Censorship, The New Yorker

Apple Afraid Of The Word 'Vagina', Censors Book Title In iTunes

News by Rob Hart September 14, 2012
In its quest to rid the world of all things offensive, Apple has deemed the word 'vagina' as too racy--even if its the title of a book.
San Francisco Public Library Installs Porn Shields

San Francisco Public Library Installs Porn Shields

News by Kimberly Turner July 30, 2012
The San Francisco Public Library's new privacy hoods protect the dignity of its porn-hound patrons and the sensibilities of genteel passersby.
451 Ray Bradbury Internet Error

451: Honoring Ray Bradbury Via Internet Error

News by Kimberly Turner June 25, 2012
451: Content Censored. Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian classic, 'Fahrenheit 451,' inspires a proposal for a new internet error message.
Ender's Game Porn

'Ender's Game' Not Too Porny For Schools, Police Decide

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 22, 2012
'Ender's Game' can be described a lot of ways--like "awesome" and "a great way to get junior high boys to read"--but "pornographic"? Thankfully not, according to police in South Carolina.
PayPal Threatens To Abandon Smashwords

PayPal Threatens To Abandon eBook Retailer Over Objectionable Content

News by Rob Hart February 29, 2012
PayPal is pressuring eBook retailers like Smashwords to take down content related to rape, incest, pedophilia and bestiality--and if they don't, PayPal will stop doing business with them.
Arizona Bans More Books

Is Arizona Trolling the Rest of the Country?

News by John Jarzemsky February 14, 2012
New bill proposed in Arizona would make it illegal for teachers to swear in the privacy of their own homes.
Parents Sabotage Children’s Education via Censorship

Parents Sabotage Children’s Education via Censorship

News by John Jarzemsky February 10, 2012
Two Michigan parents are once again undermining the educational efforts of the public school system in order to avoid properly raising their children.
Scary Stories 30th Anniversary Cencorship

Back in MY Day Our Horror Books Scared the Bejeesus Out of Us

News by John Jarzemsky February 2, 2012
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,' publisher HarperCollins is pulling all the incredible artwork. What gives?
Tuscon Bans Ethnic Books

Tucson Unified School District Says Banned Books Aren't Really Banned

News by John Jarzemsky January 19, 2012
Spokespersons for the Tucson Unified School District say the banning of several textbooks has been "widely and incorrectly reported."
Ragip Zarakolu, the director of the Belge Publishing House

Turkish Publisher Jailed Under Anti-Terror Laws

News by Rob Hart November 4, 2011
Ragip Zarakolu, the director of the Belge Publishing House and a free speech activist, has been jailed in Istanbul under the country's anti-terror laws.