How Creatives Can Get Along With Business Types

Column by Peter Derk
Creatives and business types will get a lot further working together than they will fighting with each other.

That Swag: Book Promotion Ideas

Column by Sadie Hartmann March 14, 2022
An inside look at book swag. Is it worth spending the extra money to create promotional material for your book?

Value Your Fucking Work (Pt. II)

Column by Todd Keisling
A continuing look at the basics of publishing contracts and how to value your work.

Value Your Fucking Work (Pt. I)

Column by Todd Keisling
If writers don't place value on their work, it will lead to publishing agreements that do not favor the author, thereby enabling certain predatory practices.

Surviving a Decade as a Full-time Author No One Has Heard Of

Column by Jay Wilburn August 9, 2021
Jay Wilburn discusses how he survived almost ten years writing full-time without being famous first.

8 Women Business Owners in Horror

Column by Sadie Hartmann September 22, 2020
September 22nd is American Business Women's Day. To celebrate, I've gathered a list of women-owned businesses in my preferred genre of horror. I hope you find something to support!

How to Get Paid as a Freelancer

Column by Gabino Iglesias March 10, 2020
You did the work. Now it's time to get paid. Here's how you make sure that happens.

5 Business Savvy Books Every Author Should Read

Column by Andrea J. Johnson July 8, 2019
We’ve identified five books that walk the line between craft and commercialism to offer writers the truth behind how their art becomes an entity when the marketing process begins.
James Patterson Is The World's Third-Richest Celebrity

James Patterson Is The World's Third-Richest Celebrity

News by Peter Derk July 13, 2016
James Patterson is richer than you. Unless you're Taylor Swift or a member of One Direction.

10 Things Every Author Needs On Their Website

Column by Peter Derk September 9, 2015
If your author web site doesn't have these 10 things, you're losing.

On The Hunt: Product Hunt Launches Book Service

News by Peter Derk July 24, 2015
Curation site Product Hunt launches new Books section.

11 Tips For Startup Publishers With A Small Budget

Column by Michael David Wilson June 17, 2015
Got big dreams and a small amount of money? Here's some advice.

What 65,000 Words In One Month Feels Like: My Life So Far As A Full-time Freelancer

Column by Keith Rawson January 16, 2015
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to write 65,000 words in one month? Well, Keith Rawson is going to tell you exactly what it feels like, and it ain't pretty.

How to Become a Freelance Writer in 900 Simple Steps – Part 2: The Existential Crisis

Column by Taylor Houston
Part Two of the Nail-biting Saga of Taylor's Freelance Adventure. Watch as she tackles business names, websites, and business licenses!

How to Become a Freelance Writer in 900 Simple Steps – Part 1: Risky Business

Column by Taylor Houston January 24, 2014
Well I just got laid off, so I'm going into business for myself — only I have no idea how. Follow along as I make a complete fool of myself trying to set up a Freelance Copywriting Business.
LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

News by Dennis Widmyer
LitReactor is looking for some new instructors to teach shorter-form workshops and weekend webinars on the business side of writing. Think you fit the bill? Read on!