Honoring the Legacy of J.F. Gonzalez

Column by Jay Wilburn
J.F. Gonzalez was a beloved author taken too soon. The stewardship of his legacy is the responsibility of one of his closest friends, fellow author Brian Keene.

The New Splatterpunks

Column by Jay Wilburn
Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror are seeing a resurgence, with distinct new voices telling great stories.

The Impact of Scares That Care

Column by Jay Wilburn
Scares That Care has had a significant impact on the horror industry by helping those in need, and they are expanding.
Brian Keene: A Look Back on 2020

Brian Keene: A Look Back on 2020

Interview by Sadie Hartmann
This year, I want to catch up with as many authors as I can and ask them about how they survived 2020.

The Magic of Brian Keene’s Bedroom

Column by Christoph Paul January 13, 2020
Having an existential crisis as a writer? Then maybe you just need to spend the night at Brian Keene's and eat some stew.

Collaborating with a Dead Hero

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Sometimes in life you get a different version of a dream you didn't even know you had...

8 Great Podcasts for Writers

Column by Max Booth III July 31, 2015
Here are some podcasts that don't suck.
Brian Keene’s ‘The Cage’

Brian Keene’s ‘The Cage’ Film Adaptation Gets A Kickstarter

News by Dean Fetzer October 10, 2013
A team of filmmakers are bringing the “sci-fi/horror thriller” writer’s novel to the big screen and they’re looking for a measly $85,000 to cover production costs to do it.

What Scares You? 30 Terrifying Horror Stories Straight Out Of Your Worst Nightmares

Column by Kimberly Turner October 31, 2012
Nothing to fear but fear itself? What about dead things, evil dolls, darkness, madmen, water, spiders, and snakes? No matter what freaks you out, there's a book that'll scare the hell out of you.