Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone

Column by Michael David Wilson
Six authors discuss reading outside of their comfort zone and the impact it's had on them.

The Hack Chronicles—The Dadonauts: Time Management

Column by Keith Rawson
Oh, boy! It's time to talk about how to schedule your writing day around your little darlings!

Top Ten Novels about Cold Weather

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 20, 2017
Wind. Snow. Ice. Sometimes these things can be boring, but sometimes they can be crucial to a story. Here are the ten books that deal with them the best.
Bookshots: 'Stranded' By Bracken MacLeod

Bookshots: 'Stranded' By Bracken MacLeod

Review by Keith Rawson October 6, 2016
A brief review of 'Stranded' By Bracken MacLeod.
Bracken MacLeod

A Conversation With Bracken MacLeod About Work-For-Hire, Horror Versus Crime, and His New Novel 'Stranded'

Interview by Rob Hart October 5, 2016
Bracken MacLeod talks making the move from crime to horror, and the process of working on a novel that Macmillan pitched to him.